Let’s pretend you’re conducting interviews for a position at your company.  You have an attractive, well-dressed, well-spoken candidate sitting in front of your desk.  His resume looks fantastic and he seems to have all the right answers to your questions.  Should you hire him?

Well, let’s think about it a little more.  How do you know the information on his resume is accurate?  How do you know he’s answering your questions honestly?  Are your questions even relevant, or are they just the sort of thing you imagine managers ask potential employees?

Most Companies Have Terrible Hiring Practices

Most employees get hired after a few short interviews in an extremely artificial setting, with little examination of their actual personality and skill sets, and little confirmation of their resume, references, and experience.  Though few would admit it, many hiring managers simply use “their gut” (aka their subjective impressions) to decide whom to hire.

Candidates Lie

It’s sad to say, but very few people are totally honest on their resume and in interviews.  The Society of Human Resources Management asserts that 53% of all job applications contain inaccurate information, and in a study by the Wall Street Journal, 34% of application forms contained blatant lies regarding the candidates’ experience, education, and essential skills.

Pre-Employment Assessments Take The Guessing Out Of Hiring

A thorough pre-employment assessment is an absolute necessity for 3 reasons:

  1. Pre-employment assessments are more extensive and objective than traditional interview techniques
  2. Pre-employment assessments identify key skillsets that predict job performance, separating the exaggerators and fabricators from the truly talented candidates
  3. Pre-employment assessments, when used properly, are statistically proven to reduce performance-related terminations and lower employee turnover

A good pre-employment assessment will test candidates in a variety of categories including analytical skills, problem solving, interpersonal skills, creativity, ethics, and more.  While a candidate may be able to fudge a few answers in a standard interview, a pre-employment assessment is much more extensive and detailed, and is usually conducted by an impartial third party or online system so subjective impressions don’t sway the results.

A pre-employment assessment can be tailored to match the needs and specifications of any type of business, so you can identify employees that will be a superior fit for your organization.  This will save your company thousands of dollars as you reduce poor performance and lower employee turnover.

The traditional “chat-style” interview is sloppy, subjective, and uninformative.  To calculate the real potential of applicants, standardize your hiring process with a pre-employment assessment.