The internet has expanded the way people search for jobs. Now, nothing will ever be the same again. Applicants from around the world can check out your post, decide if they would like to work with you and apply for your open position.

Because of the vast amount of people worldwide, filling an open spot should be a breeze, right? Not exactly. Sometimes you can post an open position on a job board and hear crickets for days or even weeks. Bad hires and having no one to hire can severely impact your business. Why does this happen?

In short, there are a ton of reasons people might not be applying for your career opportunity. We are here to help you pick apart those reasons and help you develop a wonderful job board post that gets qualified candidates.

Your Title is Bad

The number one reason people tend to not apply for jobs is simple — the title is poorly written. There are a number of ways you can approve your title and make sure more people see it and apply for your job.

You must be precise when crafting your title. Some people have a problem where they try to be colorful and fun in their title. The truth is, you can do this in the body of your application. For example, you may want to write, “Content Superstar Wanted!”

Sure, it looks appealing, but it won’t show up in the search query when someone searches “Content Marketing” or “Content Creator.” Blend what you learned with SEO marketing in creating titles for your posts.You have to make sure you’re using specific words in your title to ensure that people on the job board can find your post.

You could change the previously mentioned title to something like, “Hiring Content Creator and Marketer.” This title means that people searching for content creation and marketing jobs will find your post.

You’re Missing a Key Component

Every single successful job board post has a couple of key components. If you’re missing any one of these parts, it could turn people away from your post or make them uneasy and change their mind about applying.

Let’s look at the key components of every post:

  • Title
  • Remote work of physical building
  • Job details
  • Main tasks entailed in the job
  • Way to apply (email, Google doc, on-screen application)
  • Job requirements

Your title is going to be the draw-in point. It’s how people know what the heck they’re clicking on the post about. It’s important to state whether the job is remote or not so you don’t get worldwide applications if you’re looking for someone in New York.

This is what a good job post should look like:

Job Post Example.

The details of the job, including tasks, is vital so folks looking at the listing will understand the job before they apply. Requirements help you establish the type of person you’re looking for and what kind of prior experience will help an applicant get the job.

Finally, they have to know how to apply, right? If they don’t know how to apply for the job your inbox will forever remain empty.

You Don’t Appear Reputable

As professionals, we are here to tell you that if your job listing doesn’t look reputable, people will not apply. You have to present yourself as someone affiliated with a company, leave a link to the company website, include a physical address the office if there is one.

These small details give applicants peace of mind. The internet can be a foul place sometimes and scammers run abound getting free work and leaving the workers with no money.

You have to break away from that stigma and give potential applicants a reason to trust you. If you use methods to make yourself appear reputable, people are far more likely to apply for your open job.

A recent LinkedIn survey revealed that not knowing enough about the company was the biggest barrier that kept people from applying to jobs they found online. You don’t have to put every detail out there, but give potential applicants something to work with before applying.

Your Pay is too Low

Do you know the average pay for the job you’re advertising? If not this is something you need to look into before you make your post. People who apply for jobs typically like to know what they are getting paid before they apply, and the pay has to be fair.

There are resources you can use that show the average median pay for certain job titles. The next time you’re hitting the job boards looking for a new hire, make sure you keep these pointers in mind. If you want to look through quality applicants, these tips will help you set up a post that draws in only the most qualified individuals.

As you develop most listings over time, you’ll learn what key phrases and precise information brings in the most potential hires. It won’t be long before you’re able to fill in your vacant spots in a matter of mere days!


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