It’s not just ideas, products, and strategies that’ll make your business stand out from the crowd. A healthy corporate culture – referring to not only the values and attitudes of staff but also the working environment, staff perks and employee interaction– can make a huge difference.

In businesses with an unhealthy culture, employees will quite literally work for themselves performing duties to meet their own needs and walking away with a paycheque at the end of each week/month. In companies with a good culture, however, employees work more as a team with each staff member being valued for their own talents. This is vital to the success of a company, so here’s why corporate culture is more important than ever.


With agencies such as CCJM looking to place talented and highly experienced individuals on a regular basis, it’s essential to maintain a positive reputation among potential workers. This can be achieved with a healthy company culture as people are always looking to work somewhere that’s fun, interesting, thought provoking and most of all united. What’s more, having a good reputation not only attracts high-quality workers but it allows companies to charge more for products and services as affiliates and colleagues are more likely to buy into the ethos and values of your business.

Staff Retention

Employees like to work in an environment in which they’re appreciated, meaning staff retention tends to be high in places where people are rewarded for their business contributions. Therefore a healthy company culture can reduce the turnover of staff helping to save money on recruitment, hiring and training. It also helps companies retain valuable employees and allows them to focus on expansion rather than filling basic roles on a regular basis.


If employees are unhappy at work there’s a high chance they’re not going to be very productive or give their all to certain tasks. They might wonder what the point is in exerting themselves with no reward in sight or no chance of promotion, so a key element of company culture is to keep everyone enthused and motivated. Staff who feel worthwhile and important are likely to care more about the company wanting it to succeed in every way possible – and this should boost productivity and turnover.


Going to work doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. In fact, organised fun activities can lift the mood and lead to team bonding as well as a more relaxed and productive environment. Laughter and happiness is all part of creating a healthy corporate culture and in turn this should boost the reputation of your business, attracting candidates from all sectors.

As the job market picks up post-recession, employees are able to think more carefully about the roles they want to take meaning companies have to work harder to attract the crème de la crème. This, along with the reasons mentioned above is why company culture is more important than ever.