If your expansion stage company has acquired a talent team, with a recruiter(s) and Director of Talent in place, you should cut ties with all of your staffing agency relationships, right? Not necessarily. There are certain circumstances when utilizing a staffing agency makes sense and saves time and resources for your talent team.

In order to understand the difference between agency recruiters and internal recruiters, please visit a past post of mine: The Difference Between Agency Recruiting and Corporate Recruiting: A Quick Guide.

recruiting agencyOne instance when it could make sense to hire an agency is for temporary positions. Lots of agencies specialize in temporary placements within specific departments, such as IT, administration, marketing, etc.

If there is an emergency situation where your company finds itself losing an important member of a team, hiring a temp worker until you find the right full-time fit can also be beneficial.

For example, say your Director of Marketing recently accepted another job and can only give a few days of notice before leaving; it might be necessary to get someone into that position as soon as possible before you find a long-term replacement. In this instance a staffing agency can most likely get a qualified candidate to you within a week while the talent team focuses on finding a permanent candidate for the position.

So, what are the benefits of temporary workers?

In the previous example, there is clearly an immediate need for someone to be in that position at all times. It is also quite possible that a candidate starting out as a temp can eventually be hired as the permanent placement.

A temporary worker also is specialized in their expertise, therefore requiring a very limited ramp-up period to perform the job well.

Since the employee is temporary and has been placed externally, the staffing agency fulfills all duties surrounding benefits and payroll, as well as potential background checks or drug screenings.

Although using a temp agency is an external endeavor, there will be resources required internally in order to manage the process, as well. Before candidates from an agency are passed along to the hiring manager for consideration, a recruiter should perform a preliminary phone screen. This ensures not only that the process is compliant across the board, but also that submitted candidates meet the requirements of the position before facing the hiring manager.

A staffing agency can be beneficial under the right circumstances. However, it is important to use your judgment regarding whether the position is imperative enough to hire an agency for a temporary replacement, or whether it could be a job better suited for the talent team, assuming they are not at their capacity.

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