JennyStilwell Your Perfect Day

I remember trying to do an exercise a few years back about imagining and describing my perfect day. I really struggled to do this exercise because I think even then, I knew I wasn’t entirely happy with where my business was at, or what I was doing in it for that matter!

Would you wake up happy and content?

Without fully realizing it at the time, for me, this exercise had more ‘should’ in it than ‘want’. I felt I should want bigger things for my business, so I told myself that my perfect typical day included speaking engagements and meetings for book deals and new business opportunities.

Those things were and are occasionally part of my day, but they certainly aren’t what I would want every day, nor would I call it ‘perfect’ if it were to occur every day!

The trouble with the exercise back then, was that it was apparently designed to focus on growth and expansion and building great businesses, and so the focus for this perfect day – I assumed – had to be what would naturally be occurring in such a business. But that wasn’t actually what I wanted to happen in my business.

Now I realize that it needs to work the other way around.

My perfect typical day is how I would love to spend most ‘typical’ days when I’m not traveling or having business development meetings or doing something out of the ordinary or that has to be done. These are the days that enrich us and make us happy and contented.

Being at, near or with a view of the beach is an essential component of my perfect day. As is walking with my dog. Laughter is essential. Writing is definitely part of it, as are many other things. None of them involves ‘business’ as such.

There’s a vast contrast between my first attempts at describing my perfect day to the perfect typical day that I truly love.

Do You Need a Transition to Get There?

I believe that once you know what your perfect typical day is, you can then start to plan your career or business around that. This may involve a shift or a transition of some kind, it could involve collaboration as opposed to working on your own, or it may require a leap of faith into something completely different. In its simplest form and easiest to achieve, it may just require a day off every week or month to enjoy your perfect typical day.

At least you will know where you truly want to be, and planning how to get there will be more exciting than working on a plan for a business or career you ‘should’ be focusing on. Now that’s what I call ‘bringing business to life’…

And you know, when you really focus on something it takes on powerful momentum.

Happy planning.