There’s a constant need in every organization to develop the skills of their employees to accelerate their contributions and their ability to drive the success of the organization. Never has that been more necessary than with the newest entrants to the workforce: Gen Z. With the class of 2018 graduates, this generation joins millennials in dominating the workforce, but they are, in some ways, a different group of people. Gen Z come with energy and innovative ways to improve the world; knowing they don’t know everything, they are eager for training and seek mentors. We owe it to everyone to train them well.

Telling compelling stories

Crisp emails, short texts, and memes are their communication mediums of choice – not long meetings and phone calls. These Gen Z skills translate to the perfect elevator pitch – whether it’s in the elevator, across the table from a new client, or in the boardroom. If you need a polished pitch, Gen Z has already mastered the succinct introduction, problem, and solution. What they’ll need is help pulling it all together – telling the story in a compelling way and making an emotional and personal connection to their audience.

Better together

Gen Z knows how to work in teams, collaborate, and bring fun and creativity to the group. To be successful, they understand that they need open communication and access to higher-ups for answers to their questions. This generation wants to know how your specific organization functions, and building strong relationships with them will pay off short- and long-term. Understanding that collaboration is at the heart of innovation, Gen Z expands on the millennial impact that has been transitioning the workplace to be less about the individual. Working together has the best results, and Gen Z knows how to make the most out of every collaboration. Where they will need help is in identifying and accessing the right people outside of their immediate networks to build stronger relationships.


Every solution has a technological component, and Gen Z creates with tech in mind. Whether the app is the product itself or a key part of the experience, these digital natives are the people with the skill sets and mind sets to make it happen. What they need is help developing the strategy behind the solution – and guidance in building a solution that enhances user experience for all users, not just other Gen Zers.

Making the world a better place

Businesses know that consumers are driving a socially-conscious market, and those entering the workforce have the same mindset. Gen Z is passionate about social and environmental issues, and they will bring those concerns to the boardroom. Impact investing will drive budgets as Gen Z strives to make the world a better place with products and services and relationships that matter.

Gen Z is coming, and with them will come all the advantages of their enthusiasm, dedication, and innovative mindsets. The future of the workplace will rely as much on soft skills like communication, collaboration, and relationship-building as it will on technical prowess. To make the most of this bright, young talent, provide them with the training and mentoring they need to leverage their innate talents.