At the moment, the events surrounding the new COVID-19 virus are escalating. While the tourism and event industry is suffering heavily from the current situation, many start-ups are rather optimistic about the future. Especially young companies are predominantly operating digitally. The pandemic is now driving this development even further. Digital progress is an important keyword, especially in personnel recruitment. In recent days, the German government has recommended to reduce personal contacts to a minimum. Consequently, video interviews are becoming increasingly important in recruiting. In the following article, we will discuss the advantages of this form of application over the conventional application interview. In addition, we have tips & tricks for you on how your video interview can help you get your new dream job.

In times of crisis

Schools, universities, day care centres and numerous shops are closed already. Yet others are actively working on digitizing their work processes and increasingly enabling employees to work from home. The Taledo team has also moved their operations to home office for everyone at the beginning of this week. But not all companies are equipped to let their employees work from home. Alternatives currently include short-time work or forced leave. However, it does not have to be this way! Are you also tired of worrying about your job every day? Then use the additional free time to look for a future-oriented job and who knows, perhaps you will find your new dream job during the Corona pandemic?

“Impossible, you can hardly go anywhere anymore”, some might say now. But: wrong impression! Job interviews can easily be conducted digitally. Thereby you will not only avoid unnecessary social contacts, but will also enjoy other advantages of this communication method. For both, applicants and companies, a video interview provides a high degree of flexibility and efficiency.

Top 6 advantages for applicants

Independence of Location

No matter where you are, you can conduct your video interview in real time from anywhere in the world. All you need is a laptop and a reliable Internet connection. You don’t even have to leave your home for it!

Shorter Process Cycle

Appointment scheduling is simplified because it is not tied to a trip to the office of the company you are applying for. The application process can be shortened and you will be able to start your dream job as soon as possible.

Time Savings

A video interview is much easier to integrate into your daily life than a personal interview on location. This allows you to plan your day more flexibly.

Familiar Atmosphere

You feel most comfortable at home? This is quite natural, since you are surrounded by a familiar environment. This increases your sense of security during the conversation and allows you to face your counterpart with more self-confidence.

Business on top, Relaxed below

Of course, the right outfit should not be missing in a job interview. Hence, quickly take the business clothes out of the closet! But wait a minute, your interview partner can only see your upper body during the video call. Therefore, it is no problem to wear your favorite jogging pants as long as you are dressed accordingly at the top.

Emergency Notes

You feel safer if you have a memo nearby? Unimaginable in a normal job interview, but no problem at all in a digital interview. Just remember to place the note discreetly outside the interviewee’s field of vision.

Top 6 advantages for companies


Colleagues who are integrated in the corresponding application process can take part in the interview regardless of location. This guarantees additional flexibility and allows personnel to conduct job interviews even when working remotely.

Recording Function

A video interview can easily be recorded on the fly. This offers the possibility to watch the corresponding recordings again after the interview or to forward them to decision-makers who are involved in the recruiting process.

Distanced First Impression

For a first impression, the visual is indispensable. This allows recruiters and future supervisors to assess not only the general qualities of an applicant but also his or her body language, facial expressions, and spontaneity. A video interview enables companies to efficiently get to know the applicant despite physical distance – purely in a digital space.

Cost Cutting

While a personal interview often involves travel and hotel costs for applicants, as they often come from other cities, companies do not need to worry about this aspect when conducting online interviews. The result: a reduction in the recruiting costs incurred. This also facilitates potential interviews with international applicants.

More Eye-Contact

With free hands, communication often appears more open and relaxed. Sometimes, however, it is not possible to communicate without notes. When conducting a job interview using video tools, notes can be placed inconspicuously beside the computer so they do not negatively impact the conversation.

More Efficient Selection

It is no secret that HR managers are looking for top candidates. Individual interviews help superiors to get to know potential employees better. Thanks to online tools, job interviews can be scheduled immediately one after the other. This facilitates a direct comparison as opposed to interviews that are several days apart.

Tips & tricks for your video interview

1. Convincing body language for a good first impression!

Your nonverbal communication gives your counterpart an impression of your thoughts and feelings. Therefore, make sure that your body language expresses self-confidence and supports your verbal communication.

2. Pay attention to your facial expressions!

Your facial expressions are also a part of non-verbal communication. In order to get an idea of what impression you make on others, we recommend that you rehearse job interviews in front of the mirror beforehand. An open smile makes a sympathetic impression and helps you to convey a positive first impression to your counterpart.

3. Dress appropriately!

You already know this advice from personal job interviews. The right outfit should also not be neglected in a video interview. Depending on where you apply, your clothing style can vary between highly professional and business-casual.

4. Know your tools!

Especially in an increasingly digital world, it is important to demonstrate your tech affinity. Depending on which tool is used for the video interview, it’s worth getting to know it beforehand and testing its functions to ensure that the interview runs smoothly.

5. With preparation comes success!

Prepare for your video interview in the same way you would for a classic job interview. Many people may find it helpful to conduct a test interview with a friend or family member in advance. You should also make sure to find out more about your interview partner and the company in advance, so that you are aware of all available information. It is also helpful to prepare yourself for standard interview questions.

By the way: Avoid heavily patterned walls and room furnishings in the background. A monochrome, inconspicuous wall provides less distraction and helps to focus the concentration of your counterpart more on yourself!

Our conclusion

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an applicant, the numerous advantages of video interviews can only benefit you. In any case, digitization makes the application process more flexible and efficient. Thanks to digital progress, even in pandemic times there are hardly any restrictions on conducting job interviews and finding the right employee or your dream job this way.

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