The one thing that’s always true about technology is it never stops evolving. Recruiting tech continues to grow and change, making it easier for staffing professionals to find the best candidates for clients.

Isolating the right talent is likely a huge concern with your clients. A survey by The Conference Board Review found human capital is the number one challenge facing all CEOs and business leaders. These organizations are looking to you and your staffing company to find the very best people for their open positions.

Let’s be honest, right now is not the easiest time to snap up the top talent your clients need. The war for talent means competition is fierce, especially for candidates with science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) degrees. There’s a STEM shortage with 89 percent of recruiters say competition to fill STEM positions is brutal.

New recruiting technology can help you get ahead of the pack and win the war for talent. These new tech options can help you streamline the recruiting process, better collaborate with clients, and find the best and brightest before anyone else. Here are just a few new tech solutions your staffing company should know about:

Video Interviews

Video interviewing is helping staffing companies and recruiters streamline the traditional hiring process. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, the traditional process can take anywhere between 29 and 43 days, depending on the size of the organization. There aren’t many companies who can wait around for top talent for a month or more, so you need a way to cut through the hiring noise.

This is probably why six in 10 employers are utilizing video interviews in their recruitment process. Video interviews allow staffing pros to evaluate a high volume of candidates quickly and efficiently. Utilizing one-way video interviews, where candidates answer written questions on video, you can cut down the time-wasting phone screen.

Instead of being stuck on the phone with the wrong candidate, you can quickly move on to a candidate better suited to the position. And when it comes to jumping the skills gap, the ability of live video interviews to connect you with talent from all over the globe will help find the very best candidate for clients’ open positions.

Mobile Recruiting

We’re all just a little bit obsessed with our phones. A recent study found 91 percent of people keep their phone within reach at all hours of the day and night. Being parted from our phone is certainly sweet sorrow, yet too many staffing companies are ignoring the power of mobile recruiting.

Currently, 77 percent of job seekers use their mobile devices to search for jobs. Talented candidates want to find great positions using the same smartphones and tablets they use to order food and network with friends.

They want to easily search and apply for new opportunities, so mobile adoption will help your company beat the competition. In fact, skimping on mobile might actually be losing you talent. A recent survey found 61 percent of responders would immediately leave a site if it wasn’t mobily optimized.

Mobile recruitment can also help staffing pros always on the move keep track of candidate information and keep in contact with relevant talent. The phone in your pocket just might be your biggest weapon in the war for talent.

Social Media Recruitment

Social media recruitment is a buzzword right now, but it’s trendy for a reason. Social media is a great way to isolate talent and connect personally. This is probably why 94 percent of recruiters are already using social media to find candidates.

Most importantly, using social media can help you build up an impressive talent pipeline. Since you can interact with candidates in the talent communities they frequent and the social channels they utilize, you’re in a better position to build up your company’s pool of talent.

This way, when clients are looking for someone with specific skills and qualifications, you might already have the perfect candidate in mind thanks to a discussion group, thought leadership blog, or industry-related Twitter chat.

Big Data Recruiting

If you saw the Oscar-nominated film Moneyball, you know the value of big data recruiting. Staffing companies need to evaluate a high volume of candidates quickly and still find the best hire for their clients. Big data recruiting allows for the quick crunching of numbers, giving staffing professionals more time to focus on the best people.

Those in the recruiting field love analytics, and big data can help recruiters see candidates analytically along more variables. It can also help find outside-the-box candidates who are just as capable but have less competition surrounding them.

For instance, big data recruiting could help you find someone with impressive developer source codes for an IT position who might be overlooked by other recruiters because of a less impressive resume. This person is still talented, and you can now snap them up before the competition even realizes they’ve lost out on top talent.

New technology is making it easier than ever to find the best people for your clients before the competition. If you want to win the war for talent, now is the time to start adding these new tech tools to your arsenal.

What do you think? What recruiting technology are you using to find the best? Share in the comments!