Employee turnover burdens businesses with upfront costs of recruiting and training a replacement and lost knowledge from the employee who is leaving the organization. Turnover results from a number of causes, not all of which are avoidable. For example, businesses that hire on a seasonal basis are likely to experience high turnover rates because employees may not return to the same part-time job year after year. Nevertheless, organizations that employ field teams have tools at their disposal to reduce knowledge loss and simplify the onboarding process for new hires.

Types Of Information Lost

Unfortunately, lost data can result in strained relationships with clients. When a field rep resigns and is replaced with a new hire, the rapport that the former employee cultivated with customers is disrupted. This can result in client frustration since new employees are unfamiliar with customers’ needs.

Types of data that can be lost during an employee transition include information about clients’ personalities, habits, and expectations. Hard data, such as purchase order history and visual merchandising audits, can potentially vanish as well. Furthermore, without an effective documentation process, information regarding potential leads that the former employee was gathering can disappear. Without this array of data, new field reps will not be fully informed when going out on client visits.

Benefits Of Field Activity Management Software Solutions

Businesses in any industry should consider developing strategies for combating employee turnover. For those industries where turnover is practically inevitable, having a system of data loss prevention is critical. Many cloud-enabled software solutions exist which can store valuable data that a field rep has captured over time. With certain Field Activity Management solutions, each piece of data mentioned in the above paragraph can be easily documented, stored, and shared in real-time. Some technologies are also able to save high-resolution photos, which create excellent visuals to supplement text. New hires who have access to data collected by a former employee are well-equipped to tackle visits with clients and can pick up exactly where the former rep left off.

Another benefit of utilizing certain mobile software solutions is the ability to communicate with back office managers in real-time with instant messages and photo sharing. Managers can use the communication functions of a software solution to coach new employees when they are on the job without the lag time of phone calls and emails. The bottom line is that strong communication practices within organizations lead to increased employee engagement, which in turn boosts productivity.

Employee turnover is a challenging facet of business operations that organizations are forced to deal with. The expenses and lost knowledge associated with it can be especially troubling for companies that employ field teams. By taking advantage of a software solution that documents and stores relevant data, new employees will catch up to speed faster than usual. What’s more, relationships with clients will suffer much less, if at all, with such a documentation system in place.