The Boston Consulting Group and The Network conducted research on today’s global workforce to determine which countries and cities are the most desirable to work in. The results are based on a survey from more than 200,000 people from 189 countries.

The United States topped the list, followed by the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and Switzerland. According to the report, one in five participants already had overseas work experience and 64 percent said they would be willing to go overseas to work. The number of people who are willing to work abroad is particularly high in economies which are still developing and are experiencing political instability. This is especially true in Pakistan where 97 percent of the people said they would work overseas.

It is not just the struggling countries who are willing to work abroad, 94 percent of Dutch respondents said they would work abroad as did 94 percent of the respondents from France. In the United States, United Kingdom and Germany is a different story. Just one third of Americans entertained the idea of leaving their homeland, while only 44 percent in the UK and Germany were willing to relocate countries to work.

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The United States, United Kingdom and Canada all benefit from being English speaking nations as this is the most commonly taught second language. The Asia-Pacific region doesn’t generate as much of an interest as work destination due to the difficulty of learning Asian languages.

While the United States is number one on the list, the number one most desirable city is London. This city was named the best for opportunity earlier this year. New York finished second but was the only American city to crack the top 10, although Los Angeles, Miami and San Francisco all finished inside the top 18. Toronto was 8th on the list, while Montreal finished 21st for Canada. Spain was the only country to have two cities in the top 10 despite being the 8th most desirable country to work in.