You got the job. You’re super pumped. No more living off ramen noodles. Time to take on the corporate world. Unfortunately, day one is nothing to write home about. Even though you have a college degree, no one seems to care. You’re super disappointed, and don’t want to waste the next 8 months struggling to climb the corporate ladder. You want to learn. You want to grow. You want to achieve. Ultimately, you want to make the big bucks.

How do you put yourself on the fast track to office success? First things first, check these four branding rules off your list.

Rule #1: Self assign personal projects.

Give yourself more responsibility. But, don’t talk about it. Don’t toot your own horn. Be quiet and stay humble. Start off with something small. Let’s say the printer keeps jamming and is out of ink. Handle it. Stay after 15 minutes. Replace the cartridge and fix the loading trays. Will your efforts get recognized right away? No. But the next day, your coworkers are sure to notice the fix, and make comments. That right there is your cue. Jump in, and take credit like the office superhero you are.

Rule #2: Anytime you can inject personal anecdotes about your past success, do it.

You got the job for a reason. You’re obviously qualified. Confidence goes a long way, but more than that; a track record speaks for itself. Once again, don’t gloat. But don’t be afraid to note your past successes and brand yourself as an authoritative figure.

Rule #3: Don’t dress like a newbie.

Your first day on the new job? Get all fashion fails out of your system. Observe your environment. Are your coworkers clad in corporate style suits? Or maybe they’re dressed down in jeans and a t-shirt. You don’t need to blend in with your environment. Instead, focus on complimenting your environment, and one upping the office style. You want to be taken seriously, but you also don’t want to look like a stuffy teacher’s pet. For example, if you work in a jeans and t-shirt type atmosphere, sport the same. But, take it one step further by wearing a trendy blazer over your tee.

Rule #4: Redirect gossip and negative conversations.

You might have a few pot stirrers approach you. They feast on drama. Whatever you do, don’t participate. That’s probably the worst thing you can do. In all honesty, that’s a surefire way to get fired from your 9-5. You don’t want to seem like a snob either, so try this. When someone wants to gossip, redirect the conversation. Put the gossiper under the spotlight.

“So, Ken said that you had the highest individual sales last month? How did you do it?”

Boom. In that one statement, you brought the gossip to a halt and stroked an ego. Win, win.

Above all else, focus on these three characteristics when trying to de-newbie yourself.

Self Assuredness

Don’t hang your head. Even if you make a mistake, be confident in your screwup. Admit to wrongdoing, and then learn how you can do better. Don’t dwell in the negative, but focus on the positive.


Ask questions. Get ready to learn. The only way you can truly grow in your current role? Understanding how you can assist others with their job responsibilities. That makes you more of an asset, which ultimates garners respect and (gasp) even a salary increase.


Be loyal to your coworkers. Don’t bash your department any chance you get. Be willing to put in extra time. Take initiative. All of these actions show loyalty to your employer, which will ultimately make you be looked at as valuable.