Are you buried in administrivia that is keeping you from being the high-impact entrepreneurial guru that you envisioned? If you have had this hair-pulling, gut-wrenching conversation with yourself, it is probably time to consider jumping off the precipice and investing in hiring your first administrative assistant professional.

I have worked with many early stage businesses owners that have evolved from a small start-up to a “real” business. One of the big liberators has repeatedly proven to be the hiring of a talented administrative assistant. Let me say this again….there is an amazing catalyst when a business principal is frustrated enough to finally let go and hire an administrative assistant to help keep them organized, focused, on-time, accountable and strategic.

If you have read this far, I know that you are really interested in hiring an administrative assistant, so… here we go:

It is critical for you to go back to doing the $200+/hr. work that drives your business. Let’s face it, if you are doing repetitious work where you don’t add value, and that you don’t like, it is easy to envision that an assistant can do these tasks more effectively than you.

  • Write out a thorough job description with explicit duties. Finding clarity in what the job truly is about is essential for you and your prospective administrative hire. Ready, fire, aim is not the correct approach. Spend the time crafting the job duties before you start looking for talent.
  • Commit to a pre-hire behavioral assessment before hiring. Let proven science help find the right person for you. My observation is that you need someone that is highly organized, loves details, is sensitive to people, a good communicator, and is courageous in telling you what is really happening within your team.
  • Chemistry and trust are all-important. Finding the administrative assistant with the personality that you respect, and that you are comfortable delegating important tasks to, is critical.
  • Set aside time daily for synchronization. Plan on setting aside time together every day to ensure that priorities are reset, and that you are on the same page.
  • Provide frequent feedback on performance. In the beginning, building a relationship and coaching performance is very important. Be ready and willing to comment on what you like and where the opportunities lie. Please don’t avoid constructive criticism.
  • Share your calendar, email, and allow the delegation of your voice. It’s hard to let go, but a talented administrative assistant will soon demonstrate that he or she can act, and sound, like you want.
  • Reinvest your time in CEO duties. After 30 days with your new administrative assistant, you will surely liberate more time to drive new business, strategize, organize, plan, and lead. Prepare yourself mentally for the best use of your newly found capacity.

I hope you found this to be helpful.