Twenty-First Century “Speed Employment” - There’s a Better Way to Find That Dream Job or Hire Great TalentDo you need a new job? You know the drill: polish up your resume and then spend hours, weeks, or even months sending it to job boards, resume hubs, and recruiters. Most people will never read it, and you’ll waste even more time—time you’d rather be working in your dream job—waiting for people to get back to you…. if they ever get back to you.

If and when you are contacted, sometimes the company’s job posting is old or out-of-date by then, or their budget has changed. If you’re lucky, maybe after sixty days a junior company employee will call you to see if you’re interested, then it takes another two weeks for the first “phone interview,” then another three weeks before your first in-person interview. When all is said and done, six months can go by and you still have no job offer.

If this frustrating process is a turnoff to you, you’re not the only one. The inefficiencies of this approach are a turnoff to over 75 percent of prospective talent. It wastes time, and leaves job seekers confused, emotionless, and sick and tired of jumping through hoops when they could be working.

Employers are frustrated with this process too. They’d rather cut through the maze to get the right talent working in the jobs they need filled faster. Instead, time is wasted sifting through mountains of resumes and reading profile after profile trying to come up with a shortlist of potential candidates. By the time they finally call anyone for a phone interview, all the best talent have already got another job by then! Time is wasted assessing people who are no longer hireable, or looking at people who just aren’t right for the job. Like this, hours and hours are squandered; talent is lost, productivity is lost and money is wasted.

New Technology = Speed Employment

But there is a better way. It’s a matter of matching the right talent with the right job vacancy in a fast, streamlined, and easy way, without the time-wasting hassle that frustrates both job seekers and employers. How? New social media technology makes this possible, putting workers and hirers in touch with “speed employment.” Using the latest technology platforms, not only can employers connect with the right talent faster—they can do it INSTANTLY. Social media job platforms are the future, and they make this approach possible. Using social media job platforms, workers can connect with employers, and employers can pluck talent from a ready pool of skilled talent at their fingertips.

This means job seekers no longer need to waste time sending resumes off to jobs that never deliver, and companies no longer need to waste time sifting through irrelevant resumes. Hiring managers can cut through to find the right talent they need, when they need it, and skilled workers can make sure they can connect with the companies who actually want them. The rise of this time-saving technology is a win-win for job seekers and employers, saves time and money, and allows companies and workers to get on with their jobs!