bachelor sean tells allWhile some may scoff at the thought of reality TV’s The Bachelor, the process used to come to the ultimate selection is not so different from that of search for the perfect job candidate. In fact it is almost identical… 

I have a confession to make.  I am a 57 year old man, and I watch “The Bachelor”. Don’t judge. I find it quite entertaining, and you can learn a lot about life from reality TV. In case you are not a fan, let me bring you up to speed.

In its 17th season, The Bachelor follows Sean Lowe as he looks for the love of his life. Here is the pattern that he and others follow. The season opens with Sean meeting 25 beautiful women from all over North America. In week one, he has brief introductions and narrows the field by sending 10 home. As subsequent weeks go by, Sean moves progressively deeper in his relationships as he goes on exciting group and one-on-one dates. Each week, he gives out roses to all but 2 or 3 unfortunate ladies as he refines the list.  Eventually, he whittles his candidates to four. It’s time for the hometown dates, where he visits their families to really learn more about each person. This enables him to pare the list to three, and it’s time to get really intimate. Finally, Sean is down to two finalists, and on March 11th, he will choose between Lindsay and Catherine. The plan is that he will propose to one, only after painfully sending the other packing. Sean will have found love. What a perfect ending

So, as you look at your business life, do you recognize this process?  A job position comes open, and we look for the perfect person to fill the role. After culling countless resumes, we cut the list down to a manageable group.  As we explore each person deeper, we continue to narrow the field, increasing the depth of study until we present four candidates for intense scrutiny. Cut to three, and then to two finalists, and we are ready for our “Final Rose Ceremony” where we choose our winner. In this case, the loser at least does not have to face a national TV camera as they share their feelings about being dumped.

Here’s the bad news. It doesn’t work in love, and it doesn’t work in life.  In a combined 24 seasons of the Bachelor and its sister program, The Bachelorette, 17 have ended in proposal of marriage, and 3 couples are still together. That’s a horrible success rate by anyone’s standards. It has been my experience that this selection process is just as flawed in our business lives.

Do you want to know a better way? Join my blog next week and we can dish about Sean’s choice, and discover the better way to win in love and in life.