I was inspired to write this blog as I was stuffing my face with Love Hearts this morning, and I noticed how the messages on these little sweets are actually quite relevant to an interview!

A job interview is a bit like a date, so I thought I’d give you some helpful tips on Valentine’s Day – all in the name of love!

So, forget your roses, diamonds and chocolates – and enjoy some sugary, sweet job seeking tips for Valentine’s Day!

keep cool

1.) Keep Cool

There’s nothing worse than an obviously nervous and rambling candidate in an interview. Avoid coming across like a bumbling mess by preparing answers to questions prior to the interview or practice with a friend by getting them to ask you questions.

Also, give yourself plenty of time to get to the interview – the worst thing you want is traffic stressing you out before you have to go in and be grilled.

Finally, make sure you have a good breakfast at least an hour before the interview – hunger can make you anxious and this will come across to the interviewer.

Don't Cry

2.) Don’t Cry

To be honest, this one just made me giggle, but there is an important message in there somewhere!

If you feel like an interview is unraveling and not going well at all, don’t just give up and break down – try and steer it back on track and focus on your good points.

This will show the interviewer your ability to transform a situation from a losing one into a winner.

it's true

3.) It’s True

This should really go without saying, but don’t lie! Whether it’s on a CV or in an interview – just don’t do it!

While it might be tempting to embellish the truth a little (or a lot) when you’re interviewing for a role you really want, it’s never, ever a good idea.

If the hiring manager finds out that you have lied, they will question how they will be able to trust you if they did take you on, and chances are you’ll be thrown straight into the “no” pile.

for keeps4.) For Keeps

Companies try their hardest not to hire people who are just going to leave after a couple of months – where’s the sense in that?

So when you’re interviewing for a position, make sure that you emphasize how much you like the company and how dedicated you are to progressing through the ranks.

Showing off your loyalty will impress the hiring manager and you will be viewed as a safe choice.

'Email me' love heart sweet5.) Email Me

A great way to stand out among other candidates is to send a short, polite e-mail to the interviewer thanking them for their time.

Perhaps refer to a particular topic you discussed with some further information, or to reiterate an answer you gave that you weren’t too sure about.

This will make you seem proactive, professional and on-the-ball – three great traits to have!

try me

6.) Try Me

If you didn’t get the job due to a lack of experience – don’t stop there!

If you’re not in employment at the moment, then offer to do some work experience to showcase your skills in a real office environment.

Your willingness and how you perform in the office might just sway them, or at the very least keep you on their books should another position open up.

So there we go, some romantic job interview tips for you to take away. Now that you’ve read this, go and cuddle up on the sofa with a rom- com and chocolates!

Do you agree with these points, or have any of your own to add? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @BubbleJobs! :)