They say that people make an organization. The better your employees, the better your organization. Most big organizations attract top talent and they are routinely overwhelmed with a deluge of resumes. However, a deluge of resumes can be good news and bad news for small businesses.

On the one hand, it demonstrates demand for an organization and provides HR professionals with an array of skill sets to manage demand for the position. However, it can also increase inefficiency among HR professionals. This because HR applicant tracking is a complex process, one that consists of multiple stakeholders, recruitment processes, and application of quantitative and qualitative metrics to select and shortlist applicant.

In the absence of an HR applicant tracking apps, managing these tasks can be difficult and almost impossible. However, proprietary applicant tracking systems are expensive. The result is an unwelcome digital divide between large organizations and small businesses.

SaaS applications have bridged that divide in recent times. More importantly, the diverse feature sets for HR Applicant tracking systems helps small businesses scale their business and compete with established players on their even keel.

Don’t believe us? Read on to discover excellent feature sets that will help scale your small business in no time.


TribeHR is a HR management app. This means that it helps you automate “much of the drudgery people associate with HR.” That drudgery includes collecting vital information and feedback and filling out endless forms. Both stakeholders in the HR process – employees and employers benefit from the solution. For employers, the solution offers an easy way to automate their processes; for employees, the solution simplifies their interaction and provides them with much more control over their relationship with their employer. Finally, it helps make HR less about the numbers and more about the people.

Pricing: $5 per employee/month


BambooHR helps convert those tacky and lugubrious spreadsheets into beautiful, easy-to-use software. It has multiple benefits from increased products, greater control over the HR process to better analytics that enable you to be prepared with details for your CEO within five minutes.

Pricing: $49.00/month


The key selling point for recruiterbox is that it helps businesses save time. This saving translates into time that can be spent productively on the hiring process itself, as opposed to spending time getting the hiring done. The solution also comes packaged as a process solution that helps small businesses think strategically about their HR prospects. For example, Recruiterbox helps companies think companies organize their funnel to recruit candidates. In addition, they can evaluate it at multiple levels: individual hiring as well as team-based hiring decisions.

Pricing: Freemium

Vana Workforce

There are several reasons to like Vana Workforce Solutions. For starters, it delivers an integrated suite of human solutions for global small and medium businesses. This means that it has a suite that can scale from simple to complex. Thus, it has multiple modules including global HR, benefits, leave and absence, and performance and talent management. It also has workforce collaboration tools as well as dashboards, reports and social feedback mechanisms.

Pricing: $9.00/month


Halogen’s award-winning software helps automate, simplify and integrate a slew of HR activities including performance appraisals, 360-degree feedback, and compensation management. The benefits to this automation are many. For example, you can use the solution to automate your processes. In addition, you can use the solution to write fast and easy appraisals. Finally, you can use the solution to align, manage and track your business goals with HR activities.

Pricing: Subscription