So you hired a new person to join your team. Out of all the possible candidates, they seemed like the best fit. But depending on the size of your team and number of existing members, a new hire can have more trouble than you think acclimating themselves. Make it easy on them. The more seamless the process, the quicker they can be a productive member of the team.

Here are some ways to do it:

  1. Tell them your expectations. While you probably already did this during the interview process, make sure they know the expectations you have for them at work. Lay the ground rules out and make sure you’re both on the same page.
  2. Let them know what the company culture is like. Tell them what they can expect from the environment.
  3. Introduce them to people. That means introducing them not only to people that they will work with directly but also to people above them — people that could be their mentors. Mentoring is a huge part of getting in tune with a new company. It’s critical to connect all new hires with someone they can learn from and confide in. It doesn’t matter if they are a mid-level hire or an entry-level one, any experience level can benefit from this connection.
  4. Speaking of introductions, have a welcome event. It doesn’t have to be a big production but have an event to celebrate them. Whether it’s a happy hour after work, a lunch outing or even something more “out there” like bowling. All of these options will help them get to know the rest of the team in a fun way outside of the office. Getting to know team members during regular office hours can be difficult. Everyone is there to work, so this event will let them meet the team in a laid back way.
  5. Decorate their office area for their first day on the job. A little goes a long way and will definitely be appreciated. If you make them valued from the start, they will go into the new job with a good attitude and will be excited to contribute to further successes.
  6. Ask them questions. You may be so entrenched in “your way” of doing things, but a new hire may see a better alternative. They have a fresh eye and can see inconsistencies. Listen to their suggestions and have open dialog.

Before you know it, it will seem like they’ve been there forever. Everyone has to start somewhere — make it a great jumping off point.