It’s not rare that when it comes to hiring and examining resumes you get to see candidates making tall claims. Many are genuine when they speak about their records; however, many don’t.

With us vetting so many chief executives, conducting interviews for companies and investigations on a day to day basis, we have concluded five top frauds that you for sure can see on a resume. Our purpose here is to make the employer or manager empowered with the appropriate knowledge in order to make sound decisions.

Reason of leaving previous job:

This is so one of the most common type of fraud especially when it comes to the interview part. Candidates mostly refrain from pouring out the right details mostly in fear as it may lessen their chances of being selected. This issue can be tackled by cross referencing the previous employer; however this part must be kept secretive.

Exaggerated accomplishments and skills:

You can never find a perfect picture employee. Just imagine Mr. ABC having previously owned a small business which for some reason was shut down. He also has happened to be the co chairperson of some reputed firm and is an ardent golf player. These kinds of claims make things hard to believe and calls for an accurate Back Check.

Incomplete or no past employment records:

The third most common fraud found on resumes is not mentioning all of the previous employment records. As majority of the times the reason behind this tends to be of termination due to many reasons like: fraud, sexual offence, money laundering and more.

Fake academic degrees/ diplomas/credentials:

The corporate world and others are filled with cases where employees who had been working with them for years and indeed, enjoyed a reputable position in the organization had to resign all of a sudden usually, when an auditing was done. The reason behind it was simple: Fake degrees and academic records. When hiring makes sure that you thoroughly verify an employee’s educational degrees from various reliable resources in order to avoid any sort of mishap in the future.

Elongating dates of employment:

People have a tendency to stretch the dates of employment or worse fill up the gaps in two jobs by creating a job. So, when verifying with past employers regarding dates mentioned on the resume, be careful to match them as alarms must ring on the slightest indication of discrepancy on either part.

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