All_activities_1-red_(2)Employee engagement is crucial to competitive success, improved communication, and higher rates of retention. Due to the recent focus  of research and input on this issue, there is a large collection of resources available. Here are five great  resources to start improving engagement within your organization:

1. Ken Blanchard

The Ken Blanchard Companies solely focus on helping business leaders build up a rich company culture by offering strategies for meaningful engagement. This resource stands out from the rest as it allows leaders to narrow their research based on their role and/or their specific problem. Often, researching on employee engagement is just a small part of a manager’s busy schedule. Utilizing this resource will help that process move along faster, while still providing quality content.

2. David Zinger

Too often, engagement is treated as an abstract term that has a fluid definition. While engagement content does and will continue to change it is important for engagement content to lead managers towards actionable insights. David Zinger, a long time engagement speaker provides a step-by-step model that can be executed with precision. Additionally, Zinger provides a blog which allows managers to delve into the small subtleties that may be involved with engagement.

3. Employee Success Blog

Great resources are ones that draw from other experienced resources, create fresh content, and then send readers out to even more helpful resources. This Employee Success Blog does all three and discusses topics that are often left out of the engagement discussion, such as hard data on the benefits of individualized employee recognition and ideas on how to gauge whether an employee will fit your company culture before they are hired. This is a great place to get started learning about engagement that will lead you to other helpful resources.

4. Blessingwhite

For some businesses, especially those with remote or mobile employees, engagement can be exceedingly difficult to implement without it feeling forced. It is important for leaders with this type of challenge to reach out for help from a resource that can customize an engagement consulting experience. Blessingwhite’s revolutionized survey process does just that, by allowing managers to work within the specific challenges they experience. This is an excellent resource on other engagement-related topics as well, such as leadership development and organizational culture.

5. 2014 Engagement Report

It’s important for managers to stay on top of the employee engagement atmosphere within their own organizations, but it is also helpful to see what is happening outside of it. Resources like the 2014 employee engagement report by Quantum Workplace help managers learn more about umbrella trends in engagement, such as the cities that rank highest for engagement and what industries are at risk for disengagement.

Business leaders should put more emphasis on engagement  in order to retain their workers and develop a positive culture. This is not always easy with the overload of content available, but by following these top five resources, managers can be sure they are educated and updated on employee engagement.