The Future of Work depends upon the changing role of human resources, new strategies in employee engagement, and the concept of influential leaders focused on unlocking human potential and pushing employees to be and do their best. This expanding topic is discussed within the context of many industries, and there are some innovative thought leaders providing insights into what the future of work will look like and how to successfully lead companies in the right direction and embrace the changes.

As part of our goal to provide resources for these global topics, we’ve compiled a list of 20 blogs with posts and content from industry experts that provide useful information about The Future of Work.

1. Future of Work
Written and maintained by Peter Thomson, Director of Wisework Ltd, author, and founder and former organizer of the Future of Work Forum at Henley Business School. Thomson describes his blog as, “…my way of sharing my thoughts on the way work is changing. I hope this will generate some thought and discussion about the evolving world of work and the influence on organisations, management and individuals.”

2. – Jacob Morgan
Jacob Morgan, the principal and co-founder of Chess Media Group, a management consulting and strategic advisory firm on the future of work and collaboration, explores and writes about the future of work and collaboration in his column. Morgan is one of the most forward-thinking thought leaders in the industry and explores everything from millennials in the workplace to leading from the back.

3. Talent Culture: World of WorkWorkplace culture and innovation
The Talent Culture blog is an extension of Talent Culture Consulting Group, which was founded by CEO, Meghan M. Biro, a globally recognized leader, talent management and career strategist, and social community catalyst. The blog features fresh insights, provocative commentary, and useful advice – all focused on issues that matter most in today’s world of work.

4. Switch and Shift: Human Side of business
Switch and Shift is a combination of blogs written by leadership authors, speakers and consultants Shawn Murphy and Ted Coiné. Murphy focused on the executives and managers within an organization, while Coiné targets the C-suite and the board. On the blog, they state, “There’s a better way to do business. Better from the human side. Better from the customer side. And as it turns out, better from the profit side as well. This blog is dedicated to exploring that better way.”

5. SuccessFactors
The SuccessFactors blog features writers such as the President, Shawn Price, who provide insights into filling skills gaps, employee engagement, and company culture. As a leading company in the field of HR, the blog provides information on a variety of topics and provides useful links to other content.

6. TLNTThe Business of HR
A top socially shared HR blog with a variety of contributors. The blog covers everything from the basics to advanced topics dealing with recruiting, legal needs, management training, benefits, technology and more.

7. Great Place to Work Blog
This blog features articles from internal resources and industry experts and focuses on the changing workplace and transforming employee. With a goal of empowering companies to build great workplaces, this blog provides content directly related to their definition of a great workplace.

8. Rebels at Work
This blog is a stray from the traditional and describes its mission as building a community for “corporate rebels to share experiences, insights, and advice with other rebels.” The definition of rebels are “people who are compelled to create ways to improve, change and innovate,” specifically as members of a corporate organization.

9. Lead Change GroupHelping Leaders Grow Leaders
The Lead Change Group is a non-profit global virtual community dedicated to instigating a leadership revolution. The bog features daily posts from members of the community and over 100 people have written great content on Leadership and Change.

10. Workplace Mojo from the Mojo Company
The author of this blog, Matt Monge, is a cancer survivor who wants to help the world be a better place by helping organizations be better places to work. Currently, he is Chief Culture Officer at Mazuma Credit Union where he is responsible for leading the Organizational Culture, Training & Development, Branding & Marketing and HR areas.

11. Human Resources
Human Resources is providing an international resource center for the human resources professional. The blog provides insightful, unbiased information about today’s ‘hot topics’ around the world.

12. OfficeVibe
OfficeVibe wants to improve a company’s culture by creating a fun and productive atmosphere. Their blog provides insight by various categories such as Big 5, Company Culture, Employee Engagement, Environment, Gamification and Infographic. They also have an awesome companies category.

13. Conant Leadership Blog
Conant Leadership is a growing community of people dedicated to helping improve the quality of leadership. They believe that each person has the power to lift their performance and help advance their organization.

14. People Discovery
Christina Lattimer, believes that leading from within, enables others to do the same. This blog is a product of her collaboration with leadership experts, managers and HR professionals to help them get their own message and unique services and products to a wide audience.

15. The Networked Economy
Powered by Ariba, this blog is all about the networked economy and how businesses will need to remain connected within a global network to remain relevant. In their own words, this blog “is dedicated exclusively to fostering and accelerating this new, connected model for business.”

16. Kevin Kruse
Kevin Kruse is a New York Times Bestselling author of WE: How to Increase Performance and Profits Through Full Engagement. Although the blog site is a little cluttered, the posts cover a variety of topics ranging from HR to collaboration and focusing on employee engagement for improved company performance.

17. Seapoint CenterFor Collaborative Leadership
Seapoint Center is dedicated to helping leaders create collaborative teams, organizations and communities that make a powerful and positive impact on the world. The blog features nineteen different categories from Collaboration to Vision and Strategy.

18. Steve Boese’s HR TechnologyHR Technology and Teaching
Over the past 15 years, Steve has been focused on the implementation of technology solutions to solve business problems. The blog was originally started to provide an educational outlet for students, but the focus has switched a bit and Steve provided technology insights and some random thoughts such as his favorite cereals. Overall, the blog is still a great resource about the convergence of business processes and technology.

19. Creative Chaos HRThe blog of Victorio Milian–my thoughts on Human Resources and the world of work
As a New York-based HR pro, Victorio Milian features HR-related information on his blog and features the HR Interview where he queries HR managers and directors about how their launch into the industry and current business trends and concerns.

20. BloombergBusinessweek Management Blog
This is BloombergBusinessweek’s link that aggregates news and articles tagged with employee engagement topics.

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