Tips for Staying Productive While Working From Home

laptop-943559_1280From lower employee stress and turnover to increased morale and efficiency, there are a number of reasons why companies are choosing to move to a remote workspace. Once the move is made, it can be hard for some employees to adjust to their new living arrangements, but with these tips, employees can stay motivated through the change:

Personalize your schedule.

It’s common sense. Some people are more alert and productive in the mornings, and some at night. When working from home, there’s no need to force yourself to stick to a schedule that doesn’t accommodate your most productive hours. If you can’t stand waking up at the crack of dawn to start your day, adjust your hours so you can sleep in a little, but work later into the night.

Schedule wisely.

An onslaught of morning meetings can throw your entire day off, giving you a number of items to follow up on and clients to touch base with. When you’re in complete control of your own schedule, use it wisely. Block off time in the morning so you can make a to-do list and knock out important tasks right away. Move your calls to the afternoon if possible, so you can focus solely on the content of the meeting instead of worrying about the millions of other things you have to do.

Stay in touch.

It’s hard to stay in the know with what’s going on with the company when you don’t see everyone on a daily basis. Be sure to utilize technology that’s available to you to keep in touch with everyone, whether it be email, instant messaging or even video chats to simulate face-to-face contact. Doing this not only makes you feel like part of a team, but also holds you accountable when in the back of your head, you feel like a co-worker could check on you at any time.

Make it clear you’re working.

It may be hard for family members or friends to understand that even though you’re working from home, you’re still working. Many people assume if you’re at home, you must not be that busy, when of course that is rarely the case. If you have friends who constantly call to chat or other family members at home who drop in your “office” to say hi, you need to draw the line. Make it clear to your loved ones they should treat you as if you’re still working in an office and pretend you’re not there.

Set boundaries.

It can be hard to start your day and begin working when the comfort of your cozy bed is calling you. Avoid procrastination by setting clear boundaries in your home. One room should be your “home” room, where you only go during off hours, and a completely separate room should be dedicated to work. There should be no overlap between the two, so your mind knows the second you enter the work room, it’s time to get busy.

How do you stay motivated in a work from home space? Share your secrets in the comments below!