Keep Proactive and Motivated

Be prepared to go Sideways before Forwards

Concentrate on Self Promotion

Put Your Career in Focus

There are fulfilling careers out there and you can get one. But first you need to know what makes jobs fulfilling and how to find the right one for you.

One of the recent cross-European studies showed that 60 per cent of workers would choose a different career if they could start again. In the United States, job satisfaction is at its lowest level – 45 percent – since record-keeping began over two decades ago. [How to Find Fulfilling Work]

Fulfilling careers do not just happen to people, careers need to be managed.

To get ahead in your career you have to have a clear career strategy. In today’s competitive marketplace, we must start defining our career strategy not only for our own advancement but also for the betterment of a healthier whole.

What are you passionate about? What excites you most? This should define your career strategy and inspire you.

Although you may have lofty long term goals, the advice in this blog will give your strategy grounding, which may be all you need to get that career to shine.

Career Strategy Tips

The marketplace is just moving too fast and most people don’t even realize that their market value is quickly becoming a commodity.

What does it mean for your career?

It means that you should refresh your perspective and evaluate your skills sets and capabilities to see what has already lost its value. Look around, check job ads in your industry, what skills and abilities are in demand now? You can also ask your boss how relevant you are to your organization and its future?

Careers are essentially built on reputation. As such it is important to forge a good reputation in your existing role. So how is that accomplished?

The simple answer is to excel. Here are some methods you may want to adopt to do that.

Line Manager and Client Motivation

Take the time to discover what motivates your line manager and your clients. The reasoning behind this is simple. Once you know what they like, you can give it to them. This is a significant step in forging a good reputation. Glowing reviews from line managers and client/customer bases have never hurt anyone.

Have an end game

You probably have a good idea at where you want to end up in your career. The point where you can say I’ve arrived. It is a good idea, however, to be flexible how you get there. Sometimes you will have to move sideways to move forwards.

Capitalising on opportunities

In our lives and in our careers, whether we are aware of it or not, we are constantly navigating a path by deciding between our deliberate strategies and the unanticipated alternatives that appear. Being open to new challenges can make your career bullet-proof and add new skills to your portfolio. Taking additional duties which other staff members are afraid to take, regardless of difficulty, can make you indispensable at your workplace.

Proactive and Motivated

Never be complacent at work and start cruising along. Always look to improve your performance and improve workflow of your part of the business. Rather than bringing problems to the table, try bringing the solution as well. This positivity will get you noticed for the right reasons. If you’re fortunate you will become known as a problem solver.

Personal Development

Keep your training and certifications current and ensure you stay up to speed on developments in your field. Start a blog, and write about your thoughts and opinion on industry developments, new certifications, and your own approach to problems, highlighting solutions.

Keep Actively Networking

You may be doing all of these things we’ve highlighted above, but are you actively networking? If you’re not, then the chances are you’re not spreading word of your reputation as you should be. Take the time to attend a few networking events and join LinkedIn groups and get to know the important people. You’ll be surprised at the opportunities that may come your way.

Self Promotion

Brands invest a lot of time in self promotion and so should you. Keep notes of your achievements and gather the evidence to back it up. Come appraisal day, or if you apply for another role, you can showcase your achievements and show the evidence it actually happened.