Being in the business of professional resume writing, I encounter job seekers (pretty much on a daily basis) who are not only confused and uncertain about the idea of creating and writing their own resume, but downright terrified of the prospect! It’s true! Most of the consultations that I run begin with the admission, “You know, I would do this myself if I wasn’t so intimidated. I know that I have an impressive career, but I have no idea how to communicate that on a resume—and I don’t know what a good resume even looks like!”

I get it. Talking about yourself can be challenging enough, let alone having to sell yourself on a piece of paper that is specifically designed to appeal to a potential employer as well as meet requirements needed by electronic Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). However, the fact of the matter is, in order to get the job you want, having a quality resume is simply a necessary step in the process.

Job seekers do have a pretty powerful tool, though, when it comes to creating a resume if they opt to do it themselves—and we have technology to thank in this regard. Consider the option of using an online resume builder.

The Benefits Associated with Online Resume Builders

  • You Save Time. I know from personal experience with my clients that there is a great divide in between having the good intention of building a resume from scratch and actually doing it. I have personally created a variety of formats for the resumes that I produce for clients, and this is never not a time-consuming process. When you work with an online resume builder, not only do you not have to stress about your lack of an artistic background, but you also save one of your most valuable commodities—your time—allowing you to focus on your job search.
  • Customization Options Galore. I often tell my clients that your resume should be considered a living document, and hence, updated regularly—a resume builder can ease this process. What’s more is that if you are applying to a wide variety of jobs, using an online resume builder can allow you to work with multiple copies of the same document You will be able to customize and change components of your resume on the fly, and without having to start from scratch.
  • No Out-Of-Pocket Cost. If you are looking to save some cash during your job search and don’t think you can invest in a professional resume writer like me, there is still the opportunity to get a polished and professional resume through an online resume builder. You can control your job seeking expenses and still impress recruiters.
  • You Will Feel More Confident. Making a career move or staring unemployment in the face is always intimidating—and the nerves you are feeling are normal. However, I can tell you that you will garner new peace of mind if you are confident with the document you are presenting to hiring managers. Remember, your resume is their first introduction to who you are as a potential employee—so it must impress. By using an online resume builder you will have the chance to benefit by integrating components that are important to recruiters and hiring managers, and you can make sure that your design and text template, text formatting, and even the online version that you showcase is up to snuff.

Now, let it be said that there are many online resume builders to choose from if you are considering this direction. Working in this industry, though, I want to point you to a platform that I believe is one of the best. offers access to eleven resume builders that allow you to choose where you need assistance (i.e. formatting, design, etc.) as well as what download format you want your finished resume to be produced in (i.e. txt, html, doc, pdf, etc.). What’s more is that the service is 100% free. You can access the resume builders, plug in your career information and content, and download a document easily and efficiently, and without paying a dime for it. If you are a job seeker on a budget, I totally encourage you to check this out.

However, there is a disclaimer here that you need to take note of. You are still going to have to provide written content in order for an online resume builder to work for you. Resist the temptation to copy and paste sample text that you found somewhere online—also, don’t use pre-written examples. The information you can find on any “resume advice” website is only there to inspire, not to copy. And remember that employers will judge you negatively if they find out that your resume is not unique. Therefore, make sure your written content stands out.