Pre-Vetting Freelance Marketplaces

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Businesses are demanding more pre-vetting upfront when hiring online today. Back in the day, business owners were happy to just find anyone who could work remotely. Now, with more freelancers available with skills and experience, the standard has risen. Likewise, the number of pre-vetting freelance marketplaces has grown to meet client demands. They don’t just let anyone join their network; rather, they curate a selection of freelancers to meet clients’ needs.

1) FreeeUp

pre-vetting freelance marketplaces FreeeUp

The FreeeUp marketplace focuses mostly on eCommerce-related work. Freelancers in the network specialize in different eCommerce stores, particularly Amazon, eBay, and Shopify. There are also many candidates who are experienced with advertising and marketing, SEO, web content and product copy, customer support, graphic and video design, website development, social media management, and many others.

What makes FreeeUp different on top of the strict pre-vetting process is their fast hire process and hands-on support. The marketplace goes through thousands of freelancer applications every week to pool the top 1% for clients. Clients then fill out a request form for the tasks they need done and FreeeUp sends them the most qualified candidate. This is contrary to the usual process of clients having to filter out and sift through freelancer profiles themselves. Clients need only create the description of exactly what they need and the best match is introduced to them for a quick interview before hiring. If it’s not a good fit, another candidate is quickly introduced, and free, human support is available around the clock, and the CEO makes himself available for concerns as well.

Signing up to FreeeUp is absolutely free with no hidden charges, and there are no minimums on the number of freelancers hired or hours billed. Freelancer rates range on average from $5 to $75.

2) TopTal

pre-vetting freelance marketplaces TopTal

TopTal focuses on freelance developers, designers, finance experts, and project managers. They also pre-vet to pool the top 3% of freelance applicants, accepting only specialists.

What makes them different is the TopTal guaranteed 1-3 week test project. Clients can hire freelancers and work with them for a few weeks at no risk. They only pay if they are satisfied with the work done. They boast big clients like Shopify, Bridgestone, Zendesk and Udemy.

It’s free to request to meet a freelancer on TopTal, and freelancer rates on TopTal start at $60 per hour.

3) GetCredo

pre-vetting freelance marketplaces GetCredo

This is another of the pre-vetting freelance marketplaces that specialize in a niche area. GetCredo pools talent from the best SEO and digital marketing agencies.

What makes GetCredo different is that to request a freelancer, you schedule a call with someone from their digital marketing team to discuss your needs. They then reach out to their contact agencies to find a good fit, then ask you to verify the selection before you meet them. You then contract for work with the agency that GetCredo has placed you with.

Pricing is not disclosed on the site, but the initial phone call consultation is free. It is likely that pricing depends on the agency that you select, and any cut that goes to GetCredo may be part of that contract.

4) Upwork Pro

pre-vetting freelance marketplaces. UpWork Pro

UpWork Pro is an extension of the basic Upwork created to solve the main client issue of having to sort through a ton of freelancer profiles and reaching out to dozens of candidates before being able to even contemplate a short list.

What makes UpWork Pro different is the prioritized support they provide to clients and the premium tools available for freelancer management. UpWork also has the largest freelancer talent pool, so the chances of meeting a good match are high.

Initially, clients pay a $500 job search fee then a 10% client fee. Freelancers are also charged 20% of their earnings, which can drive freelancer rates up.

5) Dribble (formerly Crew)

pre-vetting freelance marketplaces Dribble

Dribble is even more niche than any of the above pre-vetting freelance marketplaces. They focus on design and similar creative talent. Dribble also boasts 40,000 clients and the ability to provide 2,500 targeted clicks for every posting.

What makes Dribble different apart from their niche focus is their invite-only freelancer portfolio feature. In addition to searching for top designers, clients can post their requirements for freelancers to look through. Moreover, Dribble offers a Dedicated Talent Partner package that takes sourcing, vetting and outreach off the client’s hands.

The Basic Search package costs $99 per month while Advanced Search is $199 per month. Job Listing is $299 per month, and a combo package of Advanced Search and Job Listing is $399 per month. The costs for a Dedicated Talent Partner are not specified, but it probably varies depending on client needs. Still, you can get an idea of their fees for this premium service from the range of packages.

Final Thoughts

No matter what specific skills you need to add value to your business, you can find the top freelancers through pre-vetting freelance marketplaces like the ones listed here. The practice of pre-vetting encourages better work results for you because it eliminates candidates who may lack experience, professionalism and soft skills like good communication. Plus, you can get the best without having to go through the process yourself, which can be very trying particularly if you don’t have honed interviewing skills.