There has been some talk about Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) becoming obsolete. This sounds incredibly dreary, and likely makes HR managers and recruiters wonder what on earth will be next. The truth is, some HR technology will surely stick around after being transformed into something more useful and relevant to modern recruiting.

Variations are being added to some preexisting tech that will leverage what we already have in our recruiting arsenal. Specifically, when it comes to recruiting events, an added algorithm can take your recruiting event from a trying experience to one that is almost completely stress-free.

Add intelligence to your recruiting events

76% of hiring managers say finding quality talent is one of their biggest struggles when it comes to winning the recruiting game. And, the average time to fill is sitting at a lengthy 36 days as of 2017. So what’s the secret to low-stress recruiting events?

Imagine the ability to truly know which candidates are most likely to accept an offer and stay with the business long enough to really make an impact. At recruiting events, this would be incredibly powerful due to the large number of candidates you will likely interact with. This ability exists and it’s called Intelligent Selection. It is the ability to measure skills, cultural fit, probability of offer acceptance and probable retention with machine learning.

Whether your recruiting event is on a college campus or otherwise, you are sure to be juggling several tactics before, during and after the event. From engaging with candidates on social media and via texting beforehand to segmenting candidates — wouldn’t it be easier if you had less to worry about?

Tailor your ATS

Your ATS isn’t going anywhere. If yours seems out of date, the reality is they are enabled for a plethora of improvements. They are designed to complement current advances in technology and create a tailored recruiting process.

When added to your ATS, Intelligent Selection gives you the ability to see into the future, boost candidate engagement and even improve time to hire. In conjunction with Intelligent Attraction and Intelligent Engagement, you then have the ability to automate interview scheduling, remove the task of sifting through hundreds of CVs/resumes and maintain top-notch candidate engagement. Plus, your time to hire gets knocked down to as little as 3 days.

Using intelligent talent acquisition software gives you the opportunity to move beyond your usual recruiting efforts (and struggles) and ensure maximum conversion of job seekers to applicants. This is achieved through focused nurturing and showcasing more relevant content to candidates during every interaction. For example, with Intelligent Selection, you can spend less time trying to uncover key traits that would lead you to believe they would be a good match. The algorithm does this for you so your time can be better spent connecting with your candidates.

Are you prepared?

Your experience alone won’t get you ahead of your competition. You need the right tools in your arsenal to be one step ahead especially and technology improves so rapidly. When choosing your candidate relationship software, what specifically are you looking for? Your ATS should help you gather information and make the best hire possible. Your ATS should be sorting through your pool of talent as well as information about previous hires to find the absolute best. If your ATS is not equipped with Intelligent Selection, simply put, it’s not doing that.

When integrated into your ATS, Intelligent Selection reduces screening costs, time to hire, candidate satisfaction and quality of hire. Full stop. It also makes room for a more robust talent management strategy and gives recruiters a peek at potential retention of qualified candidates and in turn improves an entire organization’s talent strategy.

Originally published here.