2019 is here and you’re probably thinking about your career. You may want to change roles, transition to a new career or simply want to improve your work-life balance. Whatever path appeals this post provides new year’s resolutions to help you accomplish your goals, making your career more fulfilling.

Set a Goal

It is easy to have lofty ideas about which direction to take your career but it is quite another to get down and do the work to achieve it. Often, this is not down to a lack of desire but a lack of time and other commitments getting in the way. Writing down your goal or indeed goals makes them real and gives you something to aim for and the focus to concentrate on them. Whatever your goals write them down and make them real. Make 2019 the year you achieve your goals.

Time Diary

Time dairies connect to goal setting. Write down the time you spend day-to-day and you’ll soon get a picture of where your time is spent. You’ll also be able to identify blocks of time where you can concentrate on hitting your goals. Time dairies are used by successful executives all over the world. If you’re not using one already introduce it.

Put yourself Out there

You may well be settled and feel good about where you are. This is a great position to be in but you do not want complacency to bite. As such think about public speaking, writing, and media quotes to get your name and skills in wider circulation. This is great for your reputation and cements you as a thought leader in your field.

Look After you

Keeping healthy is not just a question of exercise, nutrition, and getting plenty of sleep, it is also a state of mind. As someone who works hard make sure you reward yourself after Christmas with a gift for you.

Also, put some time aside for the things you love. This rests your mind and allows you to come back refreshed and ready to do great work. Stress management is vital in the executive world, and it is important you take a break from your work to do that.

Consider taking up meditation to free the mind and try and work regular stretching into your daily routine. It will do wonders for you.

Increase your Productivity

With your time diary in hand, you can increase your productivity in leaps and bounds. Often, the work can become so intense that important tasks are replaced by more important tasks. There never seems to be enough hours in the day. After you have identified where you can save time by using your time diary, you can increase your productivity by rearranging workflow to suit, or better using your time blocks to get the important tasks done.

Look at yourself Positively

It is very easy to get dragged down in the mire. Work can be a cruel place with every mistake being amplified and everything good being ignored even when the good stuff far outweighs human error.

Perhaps, you tend to judge yourself harshly for not meeting the high performance standards you set for yourself.

It is vital you remember that you are only human and that you let this negativity go. Colleagues may have their own motives for putting you down and downplaying your achievements. Maybe they are trying to use it to springboard their career or they are threatened by your skills and abilities.

By seeing through this negative junk you can rise above it. Not only will it not affect your wellbeing but you will be able to perform your duties unaffected by the naysayers often false rhetoric.

Reconnect to the World

Your career is important to you and you have worked hard to get where you are. Well done. Try and say ‘hi’ to other people that you may have not spoken to in years. Maybe the cleaning crew or the barista. You will feel more human and more in tune with the world.

Although this may not seem important, this reconnection boosts your emotional intelligence which is seen as a vital management attribute.

Value your Worth

It is important you get paid what you are worth. If you feel underpaid and undervalued negotiate a pay rise. This may not come in the form of a salary boost but it might take the form of fewer hours, more paid leave, or more resources to work from home.

When approaching your line manager it is important you put together strong arguments for your raise citing facts and figures. His or her job will be to deny you the raise. It is your job, therefore, to put such a compelling case forward that they have no means to refuse you.

Consult a Career Consultant

Career consultants combine mentoring and coaching to help you achieve your goals and can help you have a more fulfilling career and strike a better work-life balance. In part, this is due to expertise and experience, but often the objective view they provide gives you the clarity of thought needed to make the best decisions.