Every single person, in any organisation, from the trenches and entrepreneurial spirit of small business, to the boardroom in the global giants, should understand one thing about business.

The Receptionist, the sales person, the marketing specialist, the contracts administrator, the engineer, the architect, the CEO, the COO, the HR Manager, the Recruitment Coordinator, are all in one business.

I used to think it was sales. Then I progressed to understanding it was all about marketing, because without the infrastructure behind the sales, they didn’t always stick. But the one key message that everyone needs to understand, whether a leader or a follower, a Chief or an Indian, is this.

We are all in the game of communication. Communication covers everything you need to do to make a business work, to attract talent, to gather the collective intellect and discretionary effort of a team of people and continue to explore new fields, develop new solutions, and to win the clients you would choose to work with in your perfect world.

Build your communication muscle and watch your business, your organisation and your career simply explode. Take a step out on the edge and think about what you say, who you’re talking to, the conversations they are looking to have, develop solutions your audience wants, be insatiably curious, get out of your own head and into the heart of your audience.

Because without the ability to communicate, to step out and to understand and connect with an audience at a soul level, the most incredibly crafted messages, stories, sales spiels, elevator pitches and professional powerpoint presentations will never deliver. Ever

They will remain where they should, gathering dust in the dreams of could have been because you didn’t take the action to understand, to communicate, and to connect. So take the time now, build your muscle and thank yourself later.