In speaking with many HR organizations, hiring companies, staffing agencies and other technology companies who are all trying to make this entire hiring process in the digital world a more seamless, efficient and authentic process, we uncovered some interesting findings.

Companies are still hesitant to spend what they did pre-housing market crash and subsequent recession. Many companies are still reeling from the penny-pinching, mass layoff (and some continue to do so), shut-down-all-but-one-office days. What this has translated to is a situation where companies are still not hiring as freely as they used to. They are hesitant, being resourceful and squeezing every last bit of productivity from their current employees that they can.

As a result, millions of capable, willing and frustrated individuals are stranded without jobs.


Perhaps fear of attrition for the costs of firing an employee. Or perhaps the fear that the economy isn’t quite on the upswing. Or maybe it’s a combination of both.

In any case, the current hiring climate is less than pleasant for thousands of former executives, recent graduates and internationals aspiring to follow their ‘American Dream’. Those that are hired often have to go through a VERY arduous and lengthy hiring process including countless interviews, tests (based on the position hiring for—ie writing samples, coding projects, design concepts), lengthy background checks that can take days if not weeks when an international search is needed, drug tests, and more. The process can take weeks if not more than a month! In a better economy, companies do not have the luxury of inspecting their qualified and eager-to-work candidates with such a sharp lens.

What is written down on paper doesn’t always make for a perfect candidate. Consider the soft qualities as well when hiring, like personality, work ethic and communication style.

Or, take queue from this recent Forbes article, The 7 C’s: How to Find and Hire Great Employees, to see how author Alan Hall changed his hiring practices.

He says, “Historically, and sadly, the only criteria I had used [to hire] were to find the candidate with the best skills, experiences and ability to match a job description. I have since identified seven categories—I call them the “7 C’s”–that you should consider to find the best new employees . . .”

The 7 C’s include:

  • Competent
  • Capable
  • Compatible
  • Commitment
  • Character
  • Culture
  • Compensation

Read the full article to learn what each “C” entails.  It may save you the costs of a misfire hire and lead you to the kind of quality employees you might have missed if you used the basic and static search criteria currently employed.