One huge trend that I’ve completely missed out on over the last 12 years is the whole “I have a new cool job!” job announcement thing on social media.

I started as an independent social media consultant 12 years ago, so I haven’t had a new job in the social media era. I never got to say “Hey, I have a new job!” I feel so robbed!

However, all jokes aside, this has become a relatively serious topic and one many people put a LOT of thought and time into.

In fact, the trend now seems to be TWO posts. The first announcing that you’re leaving your current employer and thanking all the people you have worked with during your time with that company. And the second announcing your new job. I’m getting tired just thinking about all the work people put into this now!

Again, in all seriousness, this social media job announcement thing has become a big part of our professional lives now.

So, I thought I’d spend some time today talking about how I would suggest tackling this if I were changing jobs in 2024 (because I’m sure a lot of people WILL be changing jobs in the year ahead!).

Here are 4 questions to ask yourself as you develop your announcement.

Expert Tips for Crafting a Memorable New Job Announcement on Social Media

  • Announcing a new job on social media is worthwhile, as people care about your career moves.
  • LinkedIn is a must, combined with one other platform where you’re active (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok).
  • Do I really need two messages?
  • Keep it humble, thank your previous employer and colleagues, express excitement for the new role, and acknowledge those who helped in your job search.
  • nclude a photo, ideally with the new company’s logo or signage, but avoid videos.

Question 1: Is this really worth it? Should I really announce my new job on social media? Will anyone care?

I say, resoundingly, YES to this! People definitely care about you getting a new job–and sometimes they may not know about your search. So yes, you really should think about making even a basic announcement, at minimum.

Question 2: What channels should I share it on?

That depends on your audience–and which channels YOU are active on. I’d say definitely LinkedIn–for almost everyone (at least in the PR/comms/social business). After all, that’s the channel where news like this makes sense to share!

So, at a minimum, LinkedIn.

But think about Facebook, too, if you’re a power-user and, most likely, if you’re a bit older. Instagram can make sense, but I don’t see a lot of new job announcements there. Same for Twitter. TikTok’s interesting for the younger set–you could have a lot of fun with that. Ultimately, I think it’s LinkedIn + one platform you’re particularly active on.

Question 3: Do I really need two messages?

I say “no” here. In fact (and this is just me), I think two messages is a little bit of overkill. Wait til you start the new job and announce it all in one big message.

Question 4: What should I include in my message?

Lead with the news–YOU HAVE A NEW JOB! After you share those key details, loop back to your previous employer (if you left on good terms; heck, even if you didn’t it still pays to acknowledge them).

Thank your boss and colleagues at that company for helping you grow and learn–after all, every job is an opportunity to learn.

No one succeeds in this business alone, so make sure you do lots of thanking. While you’re thanking people, be sure to callout those who were especially helpful in the job search process.

They will appreciate it–and you most likely will call on these folks again at some point in your career.

Finally, express your excitement about the new job–talk about WHY you’re excited and what you’re looking forward to. This will get your new team excited! Above all else, stay humble in your message. It bears repeating, no one succeeds in this business without the help of a lot of people.

Question 5: What should I use for a photo? Should I think about video?

I wouldn’t go down the video road–I think a photo works better for posts like these.

And, ideally the money shot if you with the company sign/logo.

For example, when I announced I was starting as an adjunct professor at the University of Minnesota this fall, I posted this shot with Goldy on the West Bank mall (widely recognized by anyone who lives in Minnesota).

So, that’s what I’d do. But ultimately, this is a personal choice.

No, you don’t HAVE to share your news on social media. And no, you don’t HAVE to have a pic of you with the company sign. But, job changes are a big deal–and you want to celebrate them. So I say have fun with it and celebrate away! Just make sure you’re thanking the people who helped you get where you are today.

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