If you’re searching for a job, LinkedIn is the unicorn standout — but it’s also not the only game in town.

There are quite a few job search engines to help you make your next career move.

You can take advantage of Google for Jobs, Facebook Job Search, and so many more.

Here, we’ve rounded up 16 job search engines to consider utilizing as you search for you new job.

1. LinkedIn

With more than 575 million users, LinkedIn is the world’s most popular social media network for professionals.

LinkedIn doesn’t only let people create their own profiles and search for jobs.

It also lets those companies reach out to candidates and recruit them on the site.

Features include targeted job promotion, recommended matches, and candidate management.

Users can also share posts and publish their own content on this platform.

They get opportunities in LinkedIn to boost their own standing through their own content.

That can make them more attractive to both employers and job seekers.

2. SimplyHired

This online recruitment platform was designed to help companies hire new employees.

SimplyHired posts job listings in 100+ job boards to cover as much ground as possible.

It also has comprehensive search engine, location-based job posting, and salary estimator tool.

There are mobile apps for both Android and iOS, letting you hire or job-seek anywhere you go.

This is great for companies that are concerned about the quality of candidates going to them.

It can take as little as a week from posting a job listing to hiring someone of value.

This website features job openings, company profiles and reviews, salary listings, and so on.

Indeed was designed to connect job seekers and employers seamlessly and conveniently.

Companies can create their own profiles and post job listings to attract job applicants.

They can then review job applications, manage candidates, and schedule job interviews.

There are also sponsored job options, resume subscriptions, mobile recruitment, and so on.

4. Glassdoor Jobs

Best known for anonymous company reviews, Glassdoor is another popular job search platform.

Job seekers get to learn about working conditions and salaries in various companies.

They can then apply for jobs to those companies if there are listings posted.

Companies can post job listings, starting at $99 each with cost varying on location.

That means job listings on Glassdoor are from companies most people would want to work for.

5. Google for Jobs

In June 2017, Google added a job search feature, making it possible for job seekers to search for positions straight through Google.

With Google for Jobs, users can type in their desired position or field, and the search engine then gives you a curated list of jobs that have been recently indexed.

The only drawback for employers is that it’s not possible to post jobs directly to Google for Jobs.

It’s more of an aggregator that makes use of the most powerful search engine in the world.

6. LinkUp

This website boasts being one of the purest job search engines on the Internet.

LinkUp touts itself as the fastest growing job search engine on the web today.

However, unlike most other job search engines, it’s not just an aggregator of other job boards.

It indexes jobs exclusively from company websites, making it more trustworthy.

This service aims to drive real job seekers directly to real jobs with real employers.

The website just lets you enter the job you want and your current location.

You’re then given job listings directly from companies looking to recruit new employees.

7. Craigslist Jobs

Being a traditional classified ad website, Craigslist has a job board that anyone can post on.

The jobs in Craigslist listings can range from manual labor to copywriting and creative work.

Its main strength is that anyone can post on it and browse the listings without registration.

You can then message the poster anonymously so you can keep your email address private.

The most obvious disadvantage here is uncertainty on whether the listings are actually good.

Some of them may be scams or by unscrupulous companies with bad working conditions.

You’ll then have to do research outside of Craigslist to know more about that employer.

8. US.Jobs

If you’re an employer in the United States, this is the premium job board for you.

US.Jobs is an online job board that American businesses of all sorts use.

Candidates can apply and share their resumes with countless employers.

Meanwhile, employers looking to post jobs here will need to pony up quite a bit.

A basic post costs $99, while the Smart package is $25,000 per post per month.

But if you’re looking for serious job candidates in the country, US.Jobs is the place to be.

9. Robert Half

This online job board is as premium and legit as you can get.

Robert Half International is a California-based global human resource consulting firm.

It was founded in 1948 and is currently listed in S&P 500.

That means this company has a lot of history behind it.

Robert Half is credited as the world’s largest accounting and finance staffing firm.

The company as over 345 locations worldwide, so they’re definitely reputable.

Robert Half specializes in law, finance and technology.

10. Monster

This online job board gets millions of visitors per month due to how good it is.

Monster is made for small, mid-market, and enterprise businesses, as well as public sectors.

It offers three paid plans for employers posting jobs and managing candidates

Features include job listings, resume search, employer branding, real-time analytics, and so on.

Employers can reach a large amount of candidates easily through Monster without much fuss.

You can also rate candidates 1-10 to gauge how qualified they are for what they’re applying for.

There are also easy-to-use filters to further sift through the talent pool for better recruitment.

11. ZipRecruiter

This one provides job listings to 100+ job search engines as well from all over the Internet.

ZipRecruiter was designed with employers, recruiters, and staffing agencies in mind.

It has customizable job description templates and lets you post pre-screen interview questions.

The backend is intuitive and easy to use, letting users get up and running in no time.

There’s also the Job Widget, which lets you embed your job listings onto your website.

Do know this site does make employers pay more of a premium, despite not being as popular.

But a few of the many job boards ZipRecruiter posts to may be worth the price of admission.

In its ongoing quest to be the go-to platform for everything, Facebook now has job search.

Employers can use this Facebook feature to get both active and passive recruits.

Passive recruits are people who may not be actively looking for a job opportunity at the moment.

But you can still end up getting some of them as they think about going for that job over time.

This job search takes advantage of the power of the world’s top social media network.

You get to look up potential recruits’ Facebook profiles to learn about them on a personal level.

Job posts are free, so you can recruit on Facebook with little to no cost.

But if you want your job post to be more visible, you can turn it into a sponsored post for a fee.

13. Job.com

Founded in 2001, Job.com is one of the very first legitimate online job boards on the Internet.

This Texas-based company constantly aims to be at the forefront of job recruitment.

Job.com right now is built on blockchain and powered by smart contracts.

They say this lets them slash costs for employers and betterreward hired candidates.

It also lets them cut the middleman out, getting rid of the need for third-party recruiters.

This service boasts letting employers forego the hiring fee of 20%, as is the industry standard.

Instead, they only pay 7% of the candidate’s annual salary, with 5% going to that candidate.

It’s a model that’s meant to change the game and disrupt the job recruitment industry.

14. USAjobs.gov

If you’re looking for jobs in the public sector in America, then this is the site to go to.

USAjobs.gov is the US Federal Government’s official employment website.

It’s open to the public, paid for with the American people’s tax money.

The website offers jobs to veterans, students, graduates, individuals with disabilities, and so on.

If you’re looking to start a career in public service, then this is the place to go to.

15. CareerBuilder

This website is for those who are looking for a more general job board.

CareerBuilder is one of the most popular and most trusted job boards in the US.

It boasts direct relationships with 92% of Fortune 500 companies in the country.

Pricing is based on the number of posts purchased, so it’s for companies with lots of openings.

The service lets employers buy job postings in bulk for a better price.

Careerbuilder is meant for medium to enterprise-level business looking to bolster their ranks.

16. Snag

As the name suggests, Snag is all about snagging the best job candidates quickly.

Snag, also known as SnagAJob.com, is mostly focused on the hourly job market.

It claims to be the number one place for hourly jobs in the US.

Over sixty million job seekers are said to be registered to Snag.

This website is a good place to build your talent pool right away.

Many of the jobs featured here are in retail, as well as the restaurant and hotel industry.

But it should be good for other industries as well that pay wages by the hour.

Snag has an $89 monthly membership fee and is perfect for jobs that pays $10-$20 per hour.

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