Health Care Jobs

If you are starting your studies, and you’re looking for a career that could be of great benefit for you and your goals it’s important to do some research in order to look for a career that could interest you and be lucrative at the same time. That’s why we made this list of the 10 Highest Paying Jobs in The U.S. This information is important so you can have in mind how much you’re supposed to get paid when facing a salary negotiation.

The information we included in this article comes from the Bureau of Labor statistics, some interesting facts that we should highlight here are:

  • Most of the positions in our list of highest paying jobs in the US are dominated by health care professionals; however, to give some variety to our information we are going to consider those together in one category so we can include more industries in our list.
  • Although most people might think that glamorous professions like acting are those jobs that could give more money, neither of them are included in the list.
  • You will notice that most prevalent jobs are the lowest paid

The 10 Highest Paying Jobs in the U.S.

  1. At the top of our list of highest paying jobs are the Doctors and surgeons, we should consider that more than other professions on the list becoming a doctor or surgeon requires extensive education and training. Doctors are required to have four years of undergraduate education, four years of medical school and between three and eight years of an internship and residency, it’s something to admire and of course the paying should be higher. Other important and well paid jobs in health care include Anesthesiologists, Obstetricians & Gynecologists, Internists – General, Pediatricians – General, etc
  2. In second position, other medical-related professions. Orthodontists and Dentists are on the top paying jobs because of the high demand for the examination, diagnoses, and treatment of diseases, injuries and malformations of teeth.
  3. Chief Executive Officers (CEOs): The CEO is at the top of a company, and is responsible for the policies, coordination of operational activities and planning the direction of the company. To become a CEO you need at least a bachelor degree and above all, experience. Oregon and Connecticut are states with the highest concentration of jobs.
  4. Petroleum engineer: Some of the task required from this job include: Develop plans for oil and gas extraction, production, and tool modification, overseeing drilling operations and providing technical advice. Texas is the state with highest concentration of jobs; you need vast experience to earn a high salary in this industry.
  5. Lawyer: Usually it takes 7 years of studies as minimum to fulfill formal requirements for this occupation. It’s not an easy job; lawyers represent clients in both criminal and civil proceedings, draw up documents and advise clients on legal matters. The District of Columbia is one of the best places to practice laws.
  6. Architectural and engineering managers: Those jobs related to industry of construction are also well paid, they are in charge of planning, coordination and direction of activities in these fields. Alaska has the highest concentration of jobs.
  7. Natural Science Managers: This job requires at least a bachelor’s degree in a natural science; however they usually works first as scientists before working in management. The main tasks include plan, direct or coordinate activities in life sciences. North Carolina and Washington DC are the states with highest concentration of jobs.
  8. Marketing managers: Marketing managers are a key factor in any company, they determine demand for products and service the firm offers, they develop strategies to maximize profits; states with highest concentration and payment for the occupation are Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey.
  9. Information System Manager: With technology advances, every company requires services of an IT Manager that could be responsible for the data processing, information system, computers and computer programming. You’ll need at least a bachelor degree in computer science and experience; your salary will increase with your specialization level. Washington DC is the state with highest concentration of jobs in this occupation.
  10. Physhologist: We are not mentioning any psychologist, it’s about an industrial-organizational psychologist; for such job you need to have some specialization in human resources, administration, and management; and apply your principles of psychology in the workplace. Some of the task required will include shape policies, training of employers and do some analysis of the organization in order to improve productivity. Massachusetts is the state with highest concentration of jobs in this occupation.