Even for talented people with the best skill sets, finding a great job in the current market place can be a daunting challenge. First, world population rates are increasing. Second, the job market has grown tighter because many world economies are still trying to recover from two major economic events; the 2003 equities market crash and the 2009 Euro Zone crisis. But there are signs of life. The global unemployment rate has improved from 8.4% in 2009 to 7.2% in 2014.

As the world’s economies slowly recover, more job opportunities will be available but it will be met with a corresponding increase in competition. Businesses are looking for talent who can be developed and contribute immediately to their cause. Fortunately for job seekers, technology has opened new avenues for them to find employment and their new employer. Businesses have also embraced technology as a way to streamline costs and improve productivity. Thus, there are more ways for talented people to find a great job.

Build Your Profile

Your profile consists of your personal information, work experience, educational history, special skills, references and personal interests. This is packaged as hard copy for distribution to companies and agencies and as an online profile for the various job markets and social media.

The hard copy is referred to as the Curriculum Vitae. Recruiters use the CV as a tool to pre-qualify candidates. Keep in mind that recruiters peruse thousands of applications every day. The most experienced recruiters will only spend a few seconds scanning a CV. They know the qualities to look for in an applicant. Therefore, your CV must be designed with efficiency in mind.

Highlight the key points in every section of your CV. Recruiters will pay special focus on your work experience particularly: current employer, designation, period of employment and details on your previous employer. To ease things up, you can use for guidelines a CV template from ResumeOK.com or other similar sites.

Your CV must be consistent with the contents of your online profile. Recruiters like to see if you are involved in social media and are very specific on having a profile in LinkedIn.

Your online profile serves a very important function: to build your brand. This gives recruiters an in- depth look into how you think; what issues matter to you the most and how you present yourself to the online world. LinkedIn is a great social media tool to utilize not only because recruiters prefer it but it has features that will enhance your brand.

LinkedIn allows you to blog from your page. Blogging gives you the opportunity to share ideas with others in the community. It is a great way to enhance your reputation and create a positive impression with recruiters.

One of the best ways to improve your chances of landing a job right away is to be more specific with your job search. There are online job search engines that have a feature where you can establish the parameters of the job you want and at the same time highlight your skills and competencies.

Some of the more popular sites where talented people can find jobs are:

Many companies use these online job search engines to post openings and job availabilities including those posted in company websites. Thus, you get a wider range of choices.

These job search engines will also match your skill set with jobs that are currently posted in their job boards.

Use Freelancing Sites

At a time where job markets are tight and the level of competition is high, you have to be resourceful when it comes to finding a source of incoming. Another option for you to consider is freelance work.

Freelancers are people who work online and are contracted by businesses to manage a task or a project. As a freelancer, you can be paid on a per productive hour basis or on a per project basis. The rates are comparatively lower than a full- time employee but that why hiring freelancers has become attractive for companies.

In the United States, 30% to 45% of the workforce of some of the largest companies is composed of freelancers. According to Ipsos Global Public Affairs, 20% of global workers are freelancers or as they are politically referred to, telecommuters.

Among the best freelancing or telecommuting sites you can use are the following:

Becoming a freelancer gives you three key advantages when looking for a job:

  1. It gives you valuable experience in working and managing clients’ accounts.
  2. More work and a larger portfolio enhances you online profile.
  3. Recruiters will highly appreciate that you did not remain idle while searching for a regular job. Utilize Your Network

Networking is more than just socializing. It is an effective way of building your base of connections. Students are taught to network when they participate in organizations or associations. If you are a student, make it a point to communicate and establish good relations with your alumni.

If you have previously worked, tap into the network you created from your former job. This is why it is important to be active in your employment. Make it a point to meet people related to your job. These could be associates, affiliates or contractors that have a relationship with your company. Always do outstanding work so you can make a good lasting impression.

Go Old School

Despite the evolution of the Internet and the advantages of social media, there is still room for good old fashioned leg work. Old school networking tactics such as attending trade shows, job markets, networking events and business forums remain a great way to meet and connect with key people in the industry. Make sure you bring the following:

  • Calling cards.
  • Marketing brochures.
  • Portfolio of work.
  • Updated CV and references.

Many companies attend these events and invest in booths so they can find new talent. You’ll be surprised at how well- attended these events are.

In such a tough, competitive job market you have to be creative in your approach to land a job. Most of all never lose hope. Remain confident and always move forward. It is not realistic to land a job on the first attempt. And if you do get an offer, sometimes it may be better to wait and think about it. You may be missing out on a better opportunity in your next interview.

One thing is for sure, there is a job out there with your name on it.