The finance industry is facing a rapid period of change as the result of disruptive tech, regulatory changes and the economic landscape. But how will this impact the ways financial institutions function internally? What can companies do to manage their brand and reputation? And what will this mean for employee engagement and recruitment in the future? Our new series explores these questions and offer solutions ­– and in this post, we will look at how recruitment marketing can help firms find top talent.

Filling roles is a tough job for any organisation – and if you’re a recruiter in the financial industry nowadays, it can seem next to impossible. Stringent regulations, a shrinking graduate talent pool and the uncertainty of Brexit are just a few factors that make it tricky to hire great candidates. Then, of course, there’s the question of how to use recruitment to drive the ongoing matter of improving diversity and inclusivity – an issue that RBS and Lloyds Banking Group recently addressed when they announced their commitment to setting ethnic diversity targets to fill senior management roles.

Still, when it comes to achieving a successful recruitment drive at all levels, there’s plenty of room for improvement. That’s why many organisations have opted to strengthen their recruitment campaigns with content marketing ­– an approach that ‘focuses on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience’ according to the Content Marketing Institute. So, here are five ways to use creative content to ensure you get the right people for the job.

  1. Tell great stories with video

It’s not enough to create a generic job spec, pop it up on a job board and hope for the best. Compelling stories about the organisation offers an insight into a company’s values and culture. Plus, videos are a strong, shareable format that, in the best cases, can go viral. But if you are going to create a video, it has to the clever, authentic and believable – unlike this awkward recruitment video from the Department of Finance in Australia. If in doubt, keep it simple (and less staged)!

  1. Launch a social media campaign

In 2013, MasterCard Canada launched a competition on social media to recruit talent for their internship programme. University students had to apply by submitting an idea using the hashtag #internswanted, and they were judged according to the number of likes and retweets they received. The campaign attracted over 500 qualified candidates and they hired an additional intern as a result. Social media continues to prove to be a valuable communication tool – and using assets such as illustrated images, videos or gifs for this type of campaign can drive engagement.

Five valuable ways finance firms can recruit the best talent from Southerly

  1. Profile your current employees

Candidates want to understand what it’s like to work in your company – so who better placed to share this than your employees? We helped Shell do this by profiling employees to not only attract more female applicants, but mark International Women’s Day. The colleagues shared how the company helped them to flourish personally and professionally ­– and this was presented as photo stories on the Shell website. The stories are also evergreen, so they continue to be relevant every year.

  1. Offer resources

The process to recruit talent is as much about showcasing why a company is a worthy employer as it is about finding new employees – so providing application resources can help you stand out. Case in point? Morgan Stanley ­– the financial services firm offers a creative range of interactive infographics, articles, and downloadable guides to help students and graduates get through the process of applying for entry-level roles.

  1. Develop a useful and engaging blog

It’s safe to say blogs aren’t going anywhere as they continue to add SEO value, build brands and give potential employees a better understanding of your business. Accenture manages a ‘careers blog’ that’s targeted at potential candidates. It offers industry-relevant articles ad tips on how to apply for Accenture roles and videos. The best part is the bulk of content is written by employees, which makes it feel even more authentic. But if it might be tricky to get staff on board to create posts, it might be easier to outsource content creation to an agency -a service that us at Southerly offers to many of our clients. Whatever the case, creative content is king – and if done well, you can expect it to attract the cream of the crop the next time you’re looking for top talent.