These days, there’s a good chance that after crossing the golden years of your life you’re going to be led by a millennial boss. A boss who’s old enough to be your son or daughter and someone you find hard to take seriously or show the same respect you would to an older boss. This can be quite challenging and even distressing. Particularly when you’re so close to the finish line and you just want to smoothly sail to the end of your career.

Millennial bosses are often faster at processing than their older counterparts. Partly because of technology and partly because they’re extremely agile. The pace and leadership method are often daunting. But are you going to let a millennial boss make a nightmare of your career’s remaining years? Probably not. And here’s what you can do to survive and continue thriving while being led by a millennial boss.

Focus on the Job

It’s easy to get caught in the trap of “what does this young person know” or the “I know better because I’ve been doing it for so long”. Don’t forget what you’re there to do, i.e. focus on the work and not the fact that you’re being led by a millennial boss. If you feel you have a way of doing something that your millennial boss is overlooking, then instead of making him look bad, help them succeed. By fueling your young boss’s failure you’re setting yourself up for a similar fate because your team will fail. Remember you’re not being forced to work. So rather than being grumpy and so hung up over it, embrace it with dignity.

Leverage Your Experience

It’s not luck alone that has landed your young boss to this position. Chances are they have exceptional knowledge of the trade, or are particularly gifted in their learning abilities. However, with all your experience you can provide much support to your millennial boss in the form of helping them resolve conflicts or deal with office politics. This could be your chance to become an ally and create a space beside your millennial boss which only you as an experienced team member can fill.

Avoid Stereotyping

Sure your millennial boss may be the same age as your children, but they don’t necessarily have to be similar. The quirks of that age group that annoy you don’t need to be applied to your millennial boss. Leave your feelings and emotions about that generation at home. Avoid being judgmental and stereotyping. Similarly, you should avoid being stereotyped against as well. It’s easy for your millennial boss to see you as a ‘has been’. So rather than challenging everything they say or do, be flexible and open to ideas and new ways.

As challenging and frightening as it may get being led by a millennial shouldn’t be seen as the end of days. Develop the courage to be think beyond age (here are some more survival skills you can work on). On the surface what distinguishes you from each other may be the number of years, deep down the love of the job should be your bonding element. You may yet be surprised that this could be a blessing. You can now expand your knowledge of various new technologies and business theories and situations that your millennial boss may be introducing.