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We know how busy the summer months can be — employees are out on vacation, the kids are out of school, and the weather keeps getting nicer, but that doesn’t mean your employee engagement efforts have to suffer.

In fact, Gallup has not found any seasonal trends in employee engagement levels, and in the last couple of years found June averages to actually be higher than the previous months.

With some strategic planning you can maintain employee engagement, and maybe even raise engagement levels! Here are three program ideas to successfully engage your employees throughout the summer months.

Host an Outdoor Volunteer Event

At WeSpire’s headquarters in Boston, MA the weather is FINALLY getting nicer! Warm temperatures and sunny days mean that employees will enjoy any excuse to get outside, so plan a company-wide beach or neighborhood cleanup, planting event, or partner with a local non-profit that offers outdoor volunteering.

Volunteering events are a great opportunity to give back to your local community while providing employees with the chance to utilize a different set of skills, which brings a sense of purpose to their work.

Feedback Program

Don’t wait until December to talk with your direct reports about their progress and development. Since the summer months are a bit slower at most organizations, it can be a great time to have more thoughtful conversations with your direct reports. Give them the opportunity to share feedback on what they think is working or could use some improvement, whether it be on your immediate team, within the organization, or both.

Giving employees the opportunity to share their feedback is important, but equally important is the follow up on what you plan to do with their ideas and feedback.

This process will empower employees to share more constructive information, making employees feel heard and valued, both of which are huge components of employee engagement.

Have a Company-Wide Cookout

Who doesn’t love a good summer cookout, especially when hamburgers, hot dogs, lemonade, and strawberry shortcake are involved! While the delicious food might be the initial attractor, events like these promote socialization among your entire company, not just the people employee’s work with on a daily basis. It provides a new environment, giving employees the opportunity to relax while conveying the message that you appreciate and acknowledge their hard work.

Whether you choose to implement one, two or a combination of all three of these programs, we know your employees will appreciate the effort and your organization will get to enjoy the additional increases in employee productivity, motivation, and happiness.