Life at home may not always be rosy. But when it spills into the work place, you need to find ways to cope. Experts will say in order to experience job growth, you need to separate the two. If you’re unable to concentrate due to a divorce, family addiction or money problems, there are ways to focus. There are also resolutions where you can keep your problems from hindering your job performance.

Speak with Your Boss

When you’re stressed at home, managing your time at work can be challenging. The lack of production can even cause your work to pile up. To prevent your problems from worsening, discuss your current situation with your boss. It may be difficult to talk about your problems, but your boss deserves to know what problems exist. If you don’t feel like providing the sordid details, relay just enough information. You can also include human resources in your chat. After your discussion, document the events through notes. If you’re fired or you face fallout, you’ll have a record of what was said. You may even feel better after your chat.

Put Your Money to Work for You

Being unable to pay your bills can weigh heavy on your mind. It can also make it difficult to focus at work. Implementing a budget and adhering to it can put you on the path to a brighter financial future. Prospective buyers can go with a 203k loan to save money on their next fixer upper. Money is borrowed from the lender for both the home and repairs needed. The good news is that buyers can borrow funds based on your dwelling’s future value. Because you’ll be amortizing the repair costs, you’ll have instant equity.

Time Off

When you’re discussing your issues with your employer or human resource manager, you can ask about time off. If you have personal issues getting in the way of your work, some businesses offer personal time. This allows you the chance to focus on your issues and remedy the situation. You may also be able to use your sick or personal business days to work on a problem. Sometimes just working a half day can allow you to deal with a crisis and get your work done. Keeping the lines of communication open with your boss opens the door to other time off possibilities.

Address Your Co-Workers

A personal problem is just that, personal. You don’t have to fill anyone other than your boss in on the details of your situation. But there are also advantages to alerting co-workers to a problem. Discussing your concerns can be good for your mental health. It’s especially helpful if they can offer assistance. Whether they help you with your workload or lend their shoulder for comfort, it can feel good to be up front with your work family.

Support System

Many businesses offer employee support programs to deal with a crisis. A company may also provide assistance to in-home counseling sessions. Check with your current health plan provider to determine what is covered by your insurance plan. If you have a sick partner or child, family or friends may be able to provide assistance until you get back on your feet. It can also allow you to continue to work without having to worry about a loved one alone at home.

Do Something Nice for Yourself

Life’s troubles can affect your body both mentally and physically. That’s why it’s important to do something nice for yourself. Whether you schedule a massage or plan a day to just read and catch up on sleep, the time spent pampered can clear your mind for work related tasks.