woman-1353825_640Perfection can be a motivation killer. The more you put pressure to yourself, the more stressed you will be. When you get stressed, your motivation and health will get affected from it and your performance will decrease eventually. Instead of focusing on being perfect, you should focus on being your best. In this way, you can gradually improve yourself and let others appreciate your progress. Remember being yourself is more important than being perfect.

  • Perfection is Unattainable: No one in the world is perfect. Everybody has their own imperfections and flaws. In addition, everybody has their own dreams, wants and needs. That means we are all different from each other. Our careers are different from each other as well. If you think your career as a long path, everybody will use different routes to go through this path. There is no one right way or direction. This route totally depends on your goals. Once you achieve one goal, you will add another to your plate. It will keep on going like this, a never ending cycle until you put an end to it. Therefore, you should be proud of yourselves and the things that you achieve along the way.
  • It Makes You Miserable: Trying to be perfect adds more amount of stress to your daily life because you are running after something that you will never achieve of. Instead, just be yourself and do the best you can. Also, nobody is going to care whether you are perfect or not. They only care that you do a good job on time. Moreover, people who are always trying to be perfect are not enjoyable to be around because they don’t enjoy the moment since they have a never ending to do list.
  • Create Realistic Goals: It is important to decide what you want to accomplish. For example; if you are not happy with your current job, finding a new job can be your goal. If you want to continue your education, enrolling a graduate degree or a certificate program should be your goal. All of your goals do not need to be career related. Traveling to a new country can be your goal or a prize that you give to yourself when you achieve a career related goal. The only key point here is to make sure your goals are achievable and you can measure your success. Thus, you can see that you are improving yourself while doing your best.

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