Every year as we draw towards the Christmas period, many businesses will close for a few days and will reflect on a very busy 2013.

Although it may have been busy, was it successful?

One key to success for almost every business is its employees; the people who get the work done and on time. It is common knowledge that having the right staff at your disposal will help your business to move in the direction you want it to.

Of course, it takes great leadership and tightly-knitted teams to get the job done, but by employing the right person in the beginning will save your business time and money. Many companies will be at fault for a quick staff turnover, with quick fits and short term relationships, resulting in a lack direction in the company.

Team work

By building staff relationships for the future, your business will benefit from security, growth and a better work-ethic. For example, Bistech, a UK market-leader in the provision of business networks and fixed and mobile voice, data and video communications, has an average term of employment of 9 or more years.

This has enabled the company to establish relationships with well-known companies with the likes of The White Company and Toshiba, when they may have otherwise not been able to with staff leaving every couple of years. This allows them to offer their customers stability, knowledge and experience compared to their competitors who will not invest in their employees.

Bistech is one such company and  is celebrating its 25th year this year and is an admirable business that emphasises the importance of staff retention and investment. In fact, they are looking to grow their business even further.

The secret behind your business’ success is your staff. Employ well and your business will see the benefits.