Identify Key Competencies

Find a Sponsor and Mentor

Keep Visible

Smashing through the glass ceiling

It is no secret that glass ceilings exist. Originally, women and ethnic minorities were very conscious of this invisible barrier which kept them out of senior management positions despite being competent and qualified. More and more, however, the glass ceiling is present regardless of gender and race.

To get ahead you have to get noticed, and here are some tips to get noticed and smash through the glass ceiling.

Understanding and Identifying your Organisation’s Key Competencies

This normally comes down to what kind of person does your company value. Are they risk takers or careful decision makers. The former tend to like people who ‘tell it like it is’, the latter likes the ones who make planned, careful, decisions.

Take a look at the people in your organisation and decide what kind of people they are. Then emulate them.

Find a Sponsor

A sponsor is essential to your career if you want to make it to the top. Sponsors sit at the top table and are willing to speak on your behalf. Given that vacant senior positions will be discussed at the top table, having someone there singing your praises is essential. Finding a sponsor should be a priority for you.

Find a Mentor

Mentors are essential to all of us, and are a big boost to help you fulfil your goal of breaking the glass ceiling which is holding you back. A good mentor will fulfil gaps in your knowledge and show you the ropes. This can help you accomplish essential goals to help you get to the top. Such as get on an essential communication list.

Your mentor should be senior to you and ideally sitting at the top table. At the very least they should have political power to make things happen in your organisation.

Forge an Outstanding Reputation

Although at the top it is about formulating ideas and strategy and at your current level it is about implementing them, forging a good reputation within your organisation is essential. So think about the following:

  • Taking on high profile projects- You are bound to get noticed if you do
  • Contributing to meetings – In positive, meaningful ways
  • Contributing ideas to all levels of the organisation
  • Identify your reputation weak points and take steps to improve them
  • Meet deadlines and deliver

Know the Legalities

Sometimes, you may have to take action against discrimination. Bias and stereotyping can cross the line. When this happens it is important that you refuse to accept wrong doing and take steps to ensure your hard work is rewarded. In these situations, it is important you know your rights in respect to the law and company policy.

Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling

If you need to break through the glass ceiling or simply want to perform better in your current role, our career coaching can help you. We have helped hundreds of executives develop their executive personal brand which not only made them more marketable in the job market, it got them noticed in their organisation and assisted career advancement.