Remember how excited you were when you first accepted your new job? Besides being named the top candidate (and who doesn’t like to win!), its likely your brain was filled with dreams of personal growth; new horizons; big money; accomplishments and potential friendships with your future co-workers.

But somehow, much like a new relationship can lose its initial luster, your once new job has entered the world of the mundane and you’re seriously considering a “break up” with your boss.

While a swift exit might just be what the relationship doctor ordered, there’s also a chance that you can save yourself the time and effort of entering the job market by following a few of the simple steps below to find relationship bliss with your job again!

  1. Raise your Hand. There’s no better feel good than volunteering and sometimes it can be just what the relationship doctor ordered to pull you out of your slump at work. Perhaps you become an ambassador to new employees or maybe even help out with the annual United Way drive. Regardless of the specific cause, helping others can be a great way to kick start your heart at work.
  2. Get a Mentor. The harsh reality is that most slumps are a form of negative or at the very least non-productive thinking. Mentors on the other hand, tend to be positive company minded folks who honestly enjoy what they do. Mentors can help expose you to new ideas and opportunities. And at the very least enthusiasm is contagious!
  3. Learn Something. One of the easiest and best ways to fire up your brain is to use it for productive learning instead of planning a pity party. If your company offers a continuing education program, take advantage of the opportunity to enroll in some formal learning classes. But if not, there are tons of informal chances to learn. Perhaps you decide you want to learn a program like Excel and dive in to some online tutorials.
  4. Remember the Choice. Control and ownership are things we all crave. Sometimes simply reminding yourself that you can leave any time you want is enough to kick things up a degree or two. There is just something incredibly calming about reminding yourself that the choice is yours to make.
  5. Make a move. Sometimes something as simple as a new work environment can be the subtle boost you need to switch things up at work. If you work in a large office, moving to a totally new department may be an option but if not, moving across the hallway or room puts you around different co-workers and can often reignite the flame.
  6. Count your Blessings. It’s often said that we take those closest to us for granted. And sadly it’s true in both personal and professional relationships. Before you move to “break up mode,” it’s always a good idea to reflect on the positive things your job offers. For example, perhaps your employer is family oriented and supportive of time off to care for children or elderly parents. Forcing yourself to remember these types of perks can offer just the mental adjustment you need.
  7. Tackle Something New. Chances are good that your so called “slump” is really just boredom in disguise. And the quickest way to kick boredom in the butt is to tackle something new. Whether it’s joining a new project team or simply solving an old problem, new activity can provide the diversion you need to fall in love again.
  8. Switch it Up. Much like the routine of a long-term relationship can become cumbersome your routines at work introduce burdens too. So switching things up is a great way to crawl out of a slump. Something as simple as finding a new coffee buddy; redecorating your work space or even dressing differently for work are great easy ways to “fan the flame.”
  9. Ask Tough Questions. Let’s face it all relationships are hard work but that doesn’t mean you should give up easy. If you’re in a slump, ask yourself some tough questions to help determine the cause. Perhaps you’re bored. Or maybe you are upset over being passed for a promotion or new job assignment. Regardless of the reason, identifying the main source of your frustration is a big step so dig deep, ask tough questions and then address the root cause.
  10. Green Grass…Really? Look much like you, I’ve been there. And sometimes a “slump” can turn in to an all-out assault where you are convinced that the perfect job with none of the crap you’re dealing with here exists. And perhaps it does. But it’s also possible it doesn’t. Taking the mental effort to realize the potential pitfalls of a new job can be just what the doctor ordered!

While you may not ever get that “puppy love” feeling back like your first day on the job, these simple steps can definitely help you rekindle the old romance!