Some people are in for a big wake-up call.

It’s not just the days of working for a single organization coming to an end. The skills we rely on to secure a highly-paid job in the workplace are changing too. The things you know today might not count for anything a decade down the line. That has got to be scary if you’re not headed towards retirement, because there could come a day when you’ll be called into the office and sent home. The majority of the population will need to retrain, but let’s look at what skills will be deemed valuable.

It’s All Going To Be Automated

If it’s possible to automate something it is a certainty it’s going to happen. And as you already know, once everything is automated you’ll need a lot less human employees to keep everything up and running. Software developer is one occupation you’re going to see shoot into the stratosphere at great speed. According to the latest Salesforce salary survey, developers are already making a ton of money at the moment even though we’re only transitioning slowly into automation, so think about how much they’ll earn when they’re essentially helping the world go round. It would be beneficial if you knew a little about coding, because it’s going to become the most popular language on the planet.

Cars Will Start To Drive Themselves

Elon Musk recently announced the news one of Tesla’s self-driving cars drove from home to work without anyone sitting inside the vehicle. It even had the ability to locate and park in a space without causing so much as a scratch. You wonder what’s going to happen to companies like Uber when we don’t need humans behind the wheel. Delivery drivers are also going to find it tough, because you’ve got Amazon wanting to replace them with flying drones too. It shows you engineering is going to become even more important as the years progress. If you’re not designing the new line of super drones, you’ll be designing hospital equipment that will carry out operations on your neighbors.

Building Out Virtual Worlds

We tend to lose our ability to think creatively once we’ve grown up. It’s just not deemed too important at the moment, and most creatives in this day and age are known as starving artists. You’re at your most creative when your subconscious mind is building out worlds inside your dreams. Do you have any idea what that sounds like? It sounds like the worlds you’ll be able to explore when you strap on a virtual reality headset. Virtual reality is already thundering along at a speed wireless technology can’t match, so it’s only a matter of years before we’re all living in a virtual world whenever we have free time. It’s going to take a huge amount of creative minds working together to build out all these new worlds we’ll be exploring.

Salespeople Will Soon Become Top Marketers

You can see this happening already, but it’s going to become more prevalent in the future. A salesperson has to convince someone to buy their product at the moment. Eventually, people aren’t going to know what they’re buying because everything will be so new. Not only will you need to educate everyone about your products, but you’ll need to make sure they’re as visible as possible. You’ll need a lot of emotional intelligence, which a computer won’t be able to give you even though it can deal with all the quantitative stuff. It also comes down to the way people are now beginning to buy. The biggest shift being the amount of time someone will need to be exposed to brands before they become a customer.

You Could Train To Become An Astronaut

If all else fails you could train to become an astronaut. I think Elon Musk is looking for a few people to colonize Mars. What have you got to lose if you can’t find a job on earth? But seriously, the skills we’ve looked at today will likely take care of all the exciting new things we’ve got planned. The machines won’t be able to do everything, so there is hope for you yet. Plus, some things we’ve mentioned won’t become mainstream for a while unless something truly special happens.