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The Millennial generation is on track to becoming the most educated generation ever. This abundance of education has led to an influx of skilled Millennials in the workplace, hoping to be the next great corporate leader. However, not all employees within this generation fulfill their dreams of getting ahead, but the ones that do master these skills that most Millennials are lacking:

Interpersonal communication.

Yes, this generation is highly communicative, but only when it comes to social media, email or text. When Millennials are forced to participate in face-to-face communication or even through the phone, their communication skills falter. The generation that has been raised communicating in emojis and abbreviations sometimes struggles to grasp interpersonal communication. In order to advance in their careers, Millennials must be able to project a strong, confident presence in person, over the phone and through email communications.

“Employability skills.”

Many employers complain that Millennials often lack general skills that shouldn’t need to be taught, including timeliness, problem-solving and listening to direction, referred to as “employability skills”. These skills, although easy to adopt, are essential for success in the business world where professionalism and proper behavior is so highly regarded. Millennials should take learning these employability skills just as serious as they would other tasks.

Basic skills.

A recent study done by ETS showed that Millennials are actually ranked near last compared to other countries around the world when it comes to basic math and reading comprehension skills. Although this generation may believe that these skills no longer factor into today’s jobs because of the use of technology, that is definitely not the case. Employers want people with a basic foundation of knowledge that can be built upon and grown over time, so master the basics now and impress employers for years to come.

Know your place.

So many Millennials dream of climbing up the corporate ladder and securing a corner office with a view, but they get a little anxious on their way to the top and have the tendency to step out of line. Millennials need to understand the hierarchy within an office, and know their place. Superiors should be treated with respect, even if there is a laid-back atmosphere to the office. People who get promoted are the ones who have paid their dues in lower level positions, so be patient and wait your turn. Don’t step on anyone’s toes and create animosity on the way to the top.

Pay attention.

Many Millennials tend to focus on the big picture instead of getting caught up in the minor details. Although every company needs workers that have a long-term vision, this generation sometimes forgets to pay attention to the little details that lead to the end goal. Millennials, remember to slow down and pay attention to every step of the process instead of being anxious to complete the task and reach your goal. Leaders have the unique ability of being able to do both, so show that you’re ready for a promotion by mastering this skill.

Master these five skills and with the right professional background, you’ll be on your way to a leadership position.