Siri can tackle most quests. It can send an email to a candidate, add a meeting with the hiring department to your calendar, and even remind you when your next interviewee will be showing up, but it can’t find you the perfect candidate all by itself. Sorry HR pros, that one’s on you, but maybe Siri can help answer a few questions first.

Siri, What Should We Look for in the Perfect Candidates?

As HR & hiring managers, you’ll find candidates that know every little nitty-gritty detail about your company, and ones that show up with next to nothing in terms of presentation or preparation. Go ahead and take an educated guess at who the better candidate is…

More often than not, the perfect candidate is one who has done their research on your company. They’ll often express that they’ve explored everything from the company’s culture to the details of the position they’ve applied for. You have to admit, when a candidate knows your company’s mission, vision, and values better than some of your own employees, you’re extremely impressed. The enthusiasm they have as a prospective employee, or the lack thereof, will carry over into the workforce.

With that in mind, do you want the over-prepared and knowledgeable candidate or the candidate who rolled out of bed and showed up five minutes late? We’re sure you already have your answer locked in.

Siri, Honestly, How Truthful are Candidates?

I’m sure you’ve heard the news, but just in case you haven’t, 85% of employers have caught a candidate lying during their interview process. From the application to the resume, and the interview to the offer, there are A LOT of moving parts in the hiring process! A majority of candidates will slip a white lie in at least one of those places, but, honestly, is it even throwing you off?

Although candidates want to look like the poster child for the company they’re applying at, it’s no secret that we all have flaws. If a candidate is coming to an interview with a holier than thou attitude, you can all but guarantee it’s not the truth. So, why don’t they just tell it like it is?

The honest candidate is one who will rave about their greatest successes but will also speak to what they’ve learned from their worst mishaps. The accountable person who can say “yes, I made a mistake, but here are my takeaways from it” is the type of person you want on your team. An individual who is of their flaws may say ’“I can be shy on serious calls, but to counteract that, I ask a fun ice breaker to lighten the mood.” You can teach people almost any skill, but accountability and self-awareness are qualities not every person can learn.

Curious who’s being honest with you? Implement an assessment during your hiring process to get a thorough look into the candidate’s personality, strengths, weaknesses, and overall culture fit with your company. Then, see if they’re doing more than just talking the talk.

Siri, Does An Interview Ever Just Go Exceptionally Well?

Sometimes, an interview will just feel right. Maybe we’re going too far with this one, but a curious interviewee and a prepared interviewer is heavenly.

When a prepared interviewee shows up to the table, the conversation will let you learn who they are and how they’ll interact with their potential coworkers. On the flip side, the more information they’re able to collect from you will help them make the choice that your company is the right place for them to work at. It’s a mutual decision, after all! If both parties are able to clearly communicate their expectations, and bring questions and ideas to the table, it’s sure to be a successful interview.

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