With the winter nights drawing to a close it is time for you to rethink your goals and take stock. This is a good time to do it – many of us find extra energy now the days last longer, and we find we have gained more time and more enthusiasm for preparing, assessing, and taking the next steps in furthering our career. This post will hopefully maximise your enthusiasm and give you useful advice to do that.

Assess your Situation

A good place to start with rethinking your career goals is to assess if you are on track with your career. Are you where you want to be or do you feel you are lagging behind? If it is the latter think about the following:

  • What is stopping you from being where you feel you should be? Is it a promotion you never landed, or maybe the company you work for has moved in a different direction. Perhaps your company has stagnated? Whatever the reason work out what it is.
  • Do you feel unsatisfied in your current role? Often we do not feel fulfilled in our current role and we need to reassess where we want to be.
  • Have your goals changed?

In all instances it is a good idea to write down where we want to be and what we need for us to get there. Then we can start planning a positive way thinking.

Regardless of whether we feel a change is needed, spring is a good time to get everything up to date. See below.

CV and LinkedIn Profile

With our CV and LinkedIn profiles, and achievements and if you have changed role and or company, now is a good time to add that to. In the past we have always been concerned that our CV has to fit on two pages. Current thinking is that it should tell a story and as such should be as long as it needs to be.

LinkedIn profiles should always be dynamic and engage a reader. Ensure you have keywords running throughout but especially in the summary. Make sure you include your soft skills. Another good trick is to pad your name field with your qualifications.

Always ensure your value proposition speaks to whoever is reading your CV or LinkedIn profile.

Revitalise your Contact List

It is a good idea to go through your contact list and reconnect. Everyone’s career is in motion, and an email, message, or phone call could suddenly open the doors to a good opportunity. It also keeps your personal brand alive in their mind and shows you value them as a connection and they are not a name on a list. Go through your contact list on LinkedIn in the first instance, pick out the important ones, and then reconnect. Share an interesting article, offer to connect them with your contacts or invite them to ask for your expertise; you never know what will happen.

Do not ask for anything directly, but say a casual ‘hi’ and let the conversation flow.

Start a new Course

Spring is a good time to start thinking about enrolling in something new. Often, we have the experience but not the qualification/accreditation to progress our career. Getting that degree or showing your know-how with accreditation can be all that’s needed to open the doors to opportunity.

Most of the top universities are looking for new students, so now is a time to leaf through some prospectuses. In the first instance, take a look at these two websites which feature online course from some of the best universities:

Whether you want to take your education further is often linked to your goals and time of life. Do you want to take a degree course in your fifties to sure up your managerial experience? Possibly not. Taking an accreditation course could be a better solution. Whatever you decide, studying looks great on your CV and LinkedIn profile as it shows you’re conscientiousness and ambitious.

Get Out There!

Track down and discover what industry events are occurring close to you and attend. Try and find ones that are local chapters of bigger national and international industry organisations. To make your name the one to remember, organise some events in these meetings and get involved.

Getting your Career on Track

At some point everyone feels their career is stagnating and often we need help to get it back on track. At Mentor EU we have a range of programmes that can do this for you. From professionally writing your CV and LinkedIn profile to developing your brand, we can fast track your career and get it back to where you would like it. Our career consultants have helped hundreds of clients across the world to get to their destination faster.