Resist Temptation When Hiring Becomes Urgent

Let’s imagine, just for a moment, that you desperately need to find someone to help take the load off you, or some of your team.

This may be because you’ve lost one or two people from your business, or you’re growing and just have too many things on the go.

You decide beforehand what sort of help you need and what the job description is for the new person. (You do create a job description before you start the recruitment process, don’t you?)

During the interview, you get on really well with the person, you can imagine working with them on a daily basis, you suddenly think of other things they could help you with, and you’ve already employed them in your own mind.


Ask yourself these question:

1) How much am I prepared to do to train this person?

When people say they’d love to work with your company because they want to ‘learn more’ about your industry or products or services, what that means is that they will NOT hit the ground running. You will have added to your work load AND be paying someone else for the privilege. They may bring a fantastic attitude to the role, and if you’re prepared to invest your time and patience into training them, then go ahead. If you can delegate the training to someone else in your team who won’t be adversely affected with their productivity, then go ahead.

If you don’t have the time or the will to do that, then do not employ such a person.

2) Does this seem like a good ‘next step’ for this person?

I helped a client interview someone recently, who had experience in many of the right areas and would fit in very well from a personality and attitude perspective. But, she kept talking about how important a team is to her, and how she takes care to mentor her team and that training her people is all-important.

Nothing wrong with that, but in this instance, she would be the team!

She needed other people to be a core component of her role.

Tempting, but not the right fit for now.

3) Be very honest about your priorities – where do you most need help?

It’s tempting to find someone who could add a lot of value to your business, but not immediately in your priority areas. Unless you have the funds to employ two people at once, don’t do it.

Finding experienced and capable people isn’t always easy, and when you do find them it’s so tempting to lure them into your business on the spot!

If you’re prepared to train people who have potential, do so. If you need someone to hit the ground running and be productive straight away, and you can’t afford two people, then keep focused on your highest priorities and recruit to those, not to lesser priorities.

Keep temptation at bay when hiring becomes urgent by asking yourself these three questions.