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There comes a time when it is time to move on from your current position to embrace a new challenge. The reasons could be you hate your job and your boss, or it could be you have found something you feel is better. Perhaps you are about to be fired or let go, possibly you are pursuing a new endeavour.

Regardless of your reasons you should always resign with class. It is unwise to burn bridges as we will explore in this post. If you are moving to a new position, ensure you have a formal offer of employment in writing before moving on.

Simple steps to resign with dignity

Prepare Financially for an Immediate Departure

Once you put in your resignation letter you have effectively started the countdown clock to your last day. Some companies, however, may treat your resignation as immediate so it is important you have financial resources to cover this eventually.

Telling the Boss

Assuming you have thought through the decision and have weighed up the pros and cons, the next step is to inform your boss you are leaving. You do not have to elaborate here, but try and emphasise the good things you’ve experienced while working for the company. Do not feel you have to talk about where you are going next.

Even if you hate your current position try to stay positive and avoid the negative. It is imperative you do not burn bridges as this is unprofessional, and you may come to regret doing so in the future. Also, bad blood will affect the quality of future references.

Put it in Writing

Your resignation letter should be concise and it is important it states the following facts:

  • You are resigning
  • The date of your last working day for the company – this will be dictated by your contract
  • A thank you for the opportunity to work for them

You may want to add something on the lines that you are happy to assist with necessary transitions.

Once written, give it to your line manager or human resources whichever policy dictates. You may want to email it, although I prefer printing it out and signing it. This makes it more real and gives it more purpose.

Return Company Property

As your last day nears return all company property. If they have to chase you that makes you appear unprofessional, and it is always a good idea to cut ties so you can focus on your new endeavour.

Final Thoughts

It is important you take a professional stance to resigning, and taking a businesslike approach to the whole endeavour. Avoid bad feeling at all costs as this not only affects future referencing but word tends to spread around in management circles. You may not like your boss, but others do, and his or her word carries influence.

Once you leave with dignity you can walk out of your current employment with your head high, ready for the next challenge. Without question that is classy.