The recruitment sector is a dog eat dog world. It’s a fast paced industry and with new recruitment agencies popping up every week, it’s imperative that you stay ahead of your fellow recruiters and recruitment agencies.

Recruitment requires speed and quick decision making, which are just some of the reasons why recruiters and recruitment agencies all around the world are turning to SMS for their communications…

It’s cost effective.
People’s usual thought when it comes to mobile marketing is “Ooo I bet that’s expensive!?”

This really is not the case. You can send out thousands of messages without breaking the bank, with the average price per message being around the 2-3p mark… And when you consider that 98% of text messages get read, you are virtually guaranteeing to get your message heard/read – then that’s a real bargain.

Time efficient.
It only takes minutes to reach 100’s of thousands of potential candidates or clients.

No time wasted dialing and speaking to uninterested candidates on the phones, simply write your message and select any number of people you want to send it to, then hit ‘Send’. Job done in a matter of minutes.

Discreet and convenient.
One issue with recruitment has always been how to contact candidates who are already in jobs. They can’t really answer your phone calls and talk freely about the role surrounded by existing employees.

So that leaves email. You cannot exactly email their work address with the job details and spec either… Personal email? How often do we check our personal emails throughout the day? Not often… And when you need/want quick responses, email is not the answer.

Below is a quick and simple eBook that discusses these reasons on the ‘whys’ of SMS but more importantly how recruiters and recruitment agencies are using SMS, with great example messages and tips.