There are many benefits to using an applicant tracking system (applicant tracking software or ATS). Not only does it simplify the whole recruitment process, but it also allows recruiters to save time and effort that prompts maximum work productivity.

The ability to collect and organize large amounts of candidate data make it extremely easy to get quality hires that can bring significant impact to the organization. In fact, it’s so profitable that even 98.8% of the Fortune 500 companies use it.

However, whether you’re a new user or not, you might be overlooking some factors that can hurt your chances in getting top talents. In order to avoid that, it’s vital to keep these recruitment hacks in mind to get the highest ROI possible.

1. Don’t forget the human aspect

Although technology can automate tasks and assist recruiters in their daily endeavors, it’s important not to forget the human aspect of the job. Don’t let the ATS do all the work! When it effectively funnels all incoming applications and gives you recommendations based on candidate scoring, make it a point to still screen them yourself.

You can even go as far as make a brief initial interview via phone just to know more about them. Not everything can be based on paper. Sometimes, the best individuals are just diamonds in the rough!

2. Choose an ATS that streamlines everything

Another recruitment hack is that you should choose an ATS that can streamline your hiring process seamlessly. If it’s possible, an all-in-one solution would be best, so that you wouldn’t require any third-party software.

Manatal is a very good example. It has capabilities that of an ATS and a recruitment CRM. From the sourcing of candidates down to managing customers, you can do it all here. As a scaling business, it’s essential to think about all the aspects in your operations– including catering to various target markets capably.

This bolsters the workforce into providing all-around growth and perpetuates a linear methodology that can prove favorable and practical in the long-run.

3. Do free trials and see what is best at the best price

You may or may not know it, but most ATS software provides free-trials to interested users. It’s advisable that you give them a try to see which one is best for your company that offers the best price at the same time.

Once you have found it, you will be most likely satisfied with the service and it will make you want to do an upgrade (number of users, premium job boards, etc.). These upgrades are guaranteed value-for-money because you already trust the product and you already know that you will save more money with them.

Reduce company costs by making wise and firm business decisions!

4. Train your team well

Even though ATSs are already easy to use, it will always be good to train your HR team to use them adequately. This can be a form of demos, reading documentations, and even attending workshops about recruitment software in general!

This can enable recruiters to work faster due to accrued experience and newfound knowledge. Knowing one’s product down to the nitty-gritty will be beneficial to both the company, which in turn, will translate well to the consumers, too.

5. Put yourself in the candidate’s shoes

Last, but definitely not the least, is using your own ATS and seeing how the candidate journey is like yourself. Take a moment to go through each process one by one as if it’s your first time. This will let you see the brand from a fresh perspective.

Such an approach will permit you to think of ways on how to improve your current strategy. Aside from that, you can also look at analytics to better understand all the effects that each action has brought upon your hiring procedures.

The potency of an ATS is undeniable. Recruitment trends for the next few years even highlight its importance, too.

However, as a recruiter, you need to be responsible for utilizing the tool and maximize it to your advantage. Just take note of these tips, and you’ll be sure to see increased overall success– not just in your department, but to the whole organization, too.

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