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Well, you’re never truly done in recruiting. But you are done with your event. You remembered to pack all the important things, align your messaging with your diversity, campus and veteran programs and you ensured you entered everyone you spoke to into your recruitment events system. Now what?

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Follow up.

If you didn’t craft a follow-up email before you left, do it the day after. Seriously. Job seekers who attend industry events are among the hottest leads in your talent funnel. Make sure you’re following up with all the information they need to continue the application process. Make sure you make the note personal especially if you spoke with them and you consider them a top prospect.

Give them the next step.

Hopefully, you have a career site with information about your jobs and the different programs you offer. Be absolutely clear to your new talent pipeline what they need to do next. Enroll them in a drip campaign to lead them through your application and interview process, especially if you know it might take a while.

Nurture them.

Perhaps you met some great candidates you want to offer a job to immediately, but you probably also met some candidates that aren’t YET a match. Make sure you continue to reach out to them via email, a talent community or via the organization you partnered with to conduct the career fair. Include anything you couldn’t take with you like testimonials from employees, information about specific programs and answers to frequently asked questions.

No matter what kind of event you plan on adding to your recruitment roster this year, it’s important to understand the planning that goes into them, the goals while you’re there and how to follow up afterward.

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