If, like me, you’ve been searching YouTube for the last fortnight just to stay up to date with this season’s Superbowl advertising, then you’ll have noticed first hand just how successful video marketing really can be.

Google has confirmed that 2015 is the biggest year yet for brands and marketers to reach Superbowl fans around the world on all sorts of online devices – desktop, mobile, games console and connected TV.

Now, your recruitment marketing campaign might not necessarily include a case of ‘bad lip reading’ or some ‘puppy love’, however, there’s plenty of tactical advice to take on board from our video online marketers across the pond.

So if you’ve been wondering whether you need to apply any of your efforts towards video for recruitment marketing – TOUCH DOWN! You’ve started along a winning path.

Here’s why video will not only make your brand stand out from the crowd, but it will also help you attract a whole new one!

  1. Higher engagement

Video is the best form of content for evoking emotion, and has been proven to impact customer decision-making. Audiences are about ten times more likely to embed, share, engage with and comment on a video – so what better way to showcase your company, your people, your values and your culture than through the medium of video?

  1. Improved SEO

By adding a fully optimized video to your website you will increase your chances of a first-page Google result by 53 times. Currently, the number of traditionally built websites massively outnumbers indexed video assets, which means you have a legitimate chance to increase your presence in search just by adding video into the mix.

  1. Increasing video technology

Technologies are leaning more and more in favour of the video marketer, creating further reasons to include video. For example, look at Facebook’s recent addition of auto-play, featured videos and playlists. Facebook now accounts for 60% of all video shares and direct video uploads online.

Converted? Well then here are a few top tips to help keep you ahead of the game when planning your recruitment marketing video:

  1. Determine your main reasons for creating a video. Do you want to attract people who are the right fit for your team, showcase the company culture, or simply advertise a job role? Once you have established the purpose of the video then you can really start to think about the best creative approach.
  1. Who will feature in your video? Are they comfortable in front of a camera? It really can be quite daunting. I have a lot of experience in front and behind the camera and I know that it is really important to make your employees feel as comfortable as possible. To help with this, keep the format simple, using a series of questions that will best reflect their personality. If it’s authentic content you’re after (which, by the way, is what people most want to see), then provide your employees with a brief insight into the theme of the interview but without revealing the final questions until they’re in front of the camera.It’s also worth considering filming in an environment in which they feel comfortable. I recently came across a great culture video series by an American company called Plasticity Labs. The series is called Meet the Plasticity Team and each video wonderfully showcases an employee’s individual personality as well as the company-wide culture. The series has been filmed in locations that not only ease the interviewees’ nerves but also reflect their personality on camera.
  1. Live action is not the only ingredient to a great recruitment video. Check out this fun video from Dropbox, which tells their company story in a really unique and very entertaining way, by ingeniously using puppetry and employee voiceovers. Even better, this can be quite cost effective as voiceover recordings save a lot of money on production and production crew.
  1. Finally, let your budding actors know that a blooper is just as valuable as a perfect take – a bloopers reel is good extra content for the viewers.

Hopefully you’re raring and ready to go and make a recruitment video that’s right for your company and your employees. Remember: focus on attracting the right crowd, stay true to your brand values and you really cannot go wrong.